Resume video/music playback on startup (like car-stereo's memory feature)
my feature that i would like the most would be video resume.

if i am to stop playing a video either from a network share or stopping in the middle of a dvd video. maybe when i want to finiish watching the video tomorrow i would like xbmc to ask if i want to resume playback from where it last left off.

i know there is a bookmark function, but i would like to just press stop or eject the dvd with out having to add a bookmark.

i've bought my xbox especially for in-car use. with xbmc, the xbox becomes the ultimate mp3/movie playback system! xbmc is installed as default dash, so it starts up right away.

the problem is, that when i start my car and power-up my xbox again, i have to manually start that album over again...
and since xbmc doesn't support .cue files yet, it's hard to listen to an album when you make short rides in your car.

so, is there some kind of sollution, that when i turn-off my xbox, that it saves the current album playing, inclusing the track nr. or seconds.
and when i start xbmc again, it resumes the audio playback of the album?

(this is actually a kind of "pauze" function... the "pauze" starts when i turn off my xbox and will resume playback after turning it back on).

hope anyone had an idea...


oh, here's a picture of my install:

it's a 7" tft screen. works perfect.
on the bottom-left, you can see some switches for turning on the 230v supply and the xbox. there's also an rj-45 ethernet connector for uploading/downloading files to the harddrive.

i like your xcarbox, nice creative use of the xbox and xbmc..

just today i saw a item about auto playlist startup..;t=2586

good luck ....
tnx for your reply! :d

well, i've been reading the thread about the playlist startup and it sounds very nice, but... you'll need python in order to get it to work.

i have the latest build (06-06-2004), but this release doesn't include python.rar.
any idea where i can get it?

if i download an older version of xbmc with the python.rar file included, can i extract the rar file and use python with my latest build 06-06-2004??

okay, well, i've download python.rar and added the directories to my xbmc dir.
i've also created an and an file with the proper code in it.

but... i have about 1000 mp3 files on my xbox harddrive, but how can i create a playlist file of these files?? sounds like a n00b question, but i can't seem to find that option in xbmc.
when i enter "my music" it simply displays all the albums in the f:\mp3 directory, but there's no option to create an .m3u file of it...

how can i do this?
creating a playlist is not that difficult and i must admit i didn’t know until asking either, though it's simple! select a file / folder and press 0 on the remote. using the title menu you enter the play list itself. you also can create one on the pc but i experience it’s more work to calculate the relative paths where the songs are….

i've been using a python script for some time now, and is loads the playlist and starts playing the first song in the list (or shuffle).

actually, that's a part of the feature that i'm looking for...

the only thing that needs to be added, is that somehow python saves a (text)file, with the current song playing, inclusing minutes & seconds, when i press the 'shut down' button in the main menu.

when starting-up xbmc again, pyhton opens the (text)file and resumes the songs, starting at the according minutes & seconds.

that's it :d
does any of you guys have an idea how to do this? i have no experience with python, so i really need your help. i guess it's a nice feature, because there are more people like me who use an xbox with xbmc for in-car use.
(mpday @ june 23 2004,17:03 Wrote:the only thing that needs to be added, is that somehow python saves a (text)file, with the current song playing, inclusing minutes & seconds, when i press the 'shut down' button in the main menu.

when starting-up xbmc again, pyhton opens the (text)file and resumes the songs, starting at the according minutes & seconds.
that would be very cool, ..... but i don't know how!
ok, i'm just checking out the the my music part of xbmc.
one thing i just keep on forgetting is saving a playlist.
isnt it possible to have it remember the last playlist even if you have not given it a name or saved it?
pressing black should bring it up.
you can already easily clear it from there if people want to.

i realy like the way this prodject is coming along. and here is an sugestion for the future.

on my regular dvd-player i have a function that if i press stop och switch it off i can always resume the movie from the point there i stoped watching... this feature i´d would like to see in xbmc aswell.

it´s mostly for the movies i think but i would like this feature to remember the moviepossition if i: stop the movie, turn off the box, switch to weather, music, games/program aswell..

tell me what you think!

thankz emil
resume playback is highly desirable from where i'm sitting !

also a recently played files i know what episode i left those damn futuramas at.


i've set up my xbox in my car as the center of my stereo. one thing i really miss about my cars normal mp3 cd player is the resume feture, which starts a mp3 from the exact point where it left off when you shut off the car. would this be possible in xbmc? i imagine it would be farily complicated....
i would like to have a simple pop up after pressing "b" when watching a video. instead of just exiting, the pop-up would ask 3 options:

bookmark | exit | resume

the problem is that i seem to always loose my place after clicking b...
if there is already an option, please let me know.
it's a reasonable idea, but i think that it can be enhanced somewhat. eg there's nothing stopping xbmc always saving the last position of the film - that way you don't need to explicitly do so. then a button on the osd for resume from last saved position would do the trick.

any other ideas?
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yes that sounds good.
so after exiting w/ b, and you scroll thru the list of movies, there will be a 'greyed out' button that becomes active if there's an auto bookmark.
simple, i like it.
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