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looking for a remote - suggestions?
I went to Fry's and they had some remotes, the Gyration looked sweet but was very expensive. They had a couple from Anywhere, they looked cheap and the buttons were pretty small and had a weird layout. The Pinnacle one the buttons were tiny and it was kind of pricey. Phillips has a few that look SWEET but they don't seem to be for sale in the US. I had my heart set on the Dell rebagged Gyration, but getting it working on a PC with Dell no longer selling the part needed for the receiver I don't know if it's worth the hassle of trying to find it.

Since I'll just be controlling XBMC I don't need a fancy Harmony, I am looking at the Firefly but have heard under Vista it's kind of iffy. Saw the PS3 one, haven't read much about using it on XBMC but it seems to work fine from what I did see about it. Does anyone know if Phillips plans to release their Vista remotes in the US? I'm not seeing any locally I really like and on the Internet the selection seems no better Sad
If you have a bluetooth adapter in your computer, the Sony PlayStation 3 blu-ray remote is a great choice. Search the forums for making this remote work with EventGhost, which will allow it to work with XBMC. It's bluetooth, so it doesn't require line of sight. It has all the buttons you'll need to control XBMC, and best of all, it's only $25!
Thanks for the reply, no BT adapter here but I could pick one up for super cheap. A neighbor just gave me his old Harmony 720 which is broke, said if I can get it working it's mine. I called Logitech and it's still under warranty. A USB RF receiver would do the trick. A bit overkill for a XBMC remote but I might pick up the RF receiver and try it out. The Sony remote does look nice and the price is great.
Ok, I'm reading up on IR receivers and it seems not all work the same in XBMC. This will be a Harmony 720 remote I'll be using. I'm not looking to spend a lot as I already have a remote. The Antec Veris looks pretty decent but I'm reading some there are some problems with it and XBMC.

Does it matter which I get? I run Vista 64 if that makes any difference.


looking for a remote - suggestions?00