home screen in german

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slyk2203 Offline
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hi guys,
does anyone know how to change the names of categories on the home screen?
unfortunately the are some mistakes in the translation.
Pictures - germ. Photos
Accessories- germ. Extras

accessories and Einstellungen are long words and it looks wrong because the words are on eachother.
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Jeroen Offline
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What version of Focus are you using? I believe I once accidentally left a dutch translation file in the directory for german at some point. Currently there is no german language file. It's best to delete the german directory if you have one. It's located in the "language" directory of Focus.

Focus uses the labels that are already built into XBMC whenever possible. Only labels that are not present in XBMC (like the accessories label) use Focus' own strings.
So for instance Einstellungen is the label provided by the german language file of XBMC itself.

Now, the easiest way to change them is to open up the home.xml file in a text editor and look up the button you want to change. They are all at the beginning of the file.

Like for instance accessories:

PHP Code:
<control type="button" id="4">

Between the <label></label> tags you can type whatever you want and it will show up on the button.

The second method is to make a seperate german language file.

I will be working on tweaking the button sizes to accommodate other languages better in upcoming versions of focus.

Hope that helps Smile
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slyk2203 Offline
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thanks for the clue Jeroen, I fixed that.
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