Multiple Disc DVDs
I have multiple disc dvds, both movies and tv shows, for example The Godfather II is on 2 dvds, the tv shows i have are split up per disc per season (e.g. The Shield - Season 2 - Disc 3).

Right now everything is a folder with the raw dvd files in them, but they could be made into isos without any trouble.

My question is, what's the best way to organize this? Ideally I'd like to use the imdb scraper and have everything viewable in my library with poster art etc, but i'm not sure how to pull this off with multiple discs of the same show/movie.

Thanks in advance!
This is how I did my TV shows - I've ripped a lot maybe 3 different shows, 6+ seasons of each. I rip each episode to it's own file, now I converted mine to DiVX, as the quality is still good and the size is a lot smaller. My directory structure is like this

[movie name]\

tv shows\
[tv show name]\

no brackets just an example "c:\media\tv show\sanford and son\season 1\"

and in that folder I have 1 file for each episode. If you want to rip to DVD there are programs that will easily let you split them up. I would suggest ripping to ISO so you'll have less files. While I've never attempted this, renaming the .ISO file lets say, "South Park.s01e01.Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.ISO" should scrap fine.

I've never ripped a multiple DVD movie, there is no "folder contains single movie" setting. So somebody else hopefully could help you here. I would suggest ripping each DVD to it's own ISO and putting them in a single folder, but I'm not sure how it will come up in your library - aside from there being 2 entries. Possibly there is a way to merge the 2 into 1.
My first question would be what do you want the result to be, mediawise?

Do you want full menu DVDs for everything or would you be interested in only having the actual movie/show available?

I am fairly certain most people around here rip extras and episodes out, but maybe someone that does keep the whole DVD menu system intact could respond.

Full DVD/Menus could be trouble some... Take Godfather, you would have to select the 2nd disk 3/4 through the movie. With TV Shows you would be missing plot and info for each episode (correct me if I am wrong anyone), since each disk has 3-7 episodes and I don't think XBMC can separate and play different titles within a DVD file structure...

If you would be willing to rip just the main media from your DVDs, like I and many do. You would have a lot smoother experience imho... You would be able to merge both parts of Godfather into 1 single DVD folder/iso (using DVDShrink) resulting in NO pause/delay 3/4 of the way through, with TV Shows you can rip each individual Episode into its own ISOs(TVshows have to be ISO, XBMC doesn't like shows to be video_ts files). XBMC will then be able to pull info on each episode if each one is separate from the others.

Since I rip only the main media for both TVShows and Movies this is how my media is structured... Everything inside of <> are variables, <title>= the movie title etc...


...HTPC\DVD\<Title>\video_ts.ifo (vobs, posters, fanart etc)

TV Shows

...HTPC\TVSeries\<SeriesName>\Season <#>\<SeriesName>.<s##>.<e##>.<EpidodeTitle>.iso


...HTPC\TVSeries\Family Guy\Season 1\Family Guy.s01.e01.Death_has_a_Shadow.iso
...HTPC\TVSeries\Family Guy\Season 1\Family Guy.s01.e02.I_Never_met_the_Dead_Man.iso

Media Companion and XBMC scrapers find information on virtually everything with this structure... it is fairly standard I think...
not sure about multi-disc movies, but if you convert to .iso and name using the multi-episode conventions in the wiki ( the scrapers should pick up the episode information without trouble.
you can also set bookmarks for each episode via the osd after the scrapers have associated the episodes with the file you're playing.
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