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cover art problems or I'm doing something wrong?
Hi Guys,

I have got about 28 backed up DVD movies with .img and .iso endings. About 6 of these movies there cover art does not show, I don't understand why not!

Also a movie I got called behind enemy lines 2 only shows cover art of part 1 of the movie. I have tried scanning and it doesn't show new cover art. I have highlighted the movie and pressed c and chose movie information and then get thumbs. Then I browse cover art for only part 1 of movies. Where can I get the correct cover art?

Some of these movies that do have cover art do not show backgrounds while others do. Why is that?

Some of these movies are being called by the wrong name and I really don't know why? In my hard drive only the ISO's are named correctly but then they had different names in xbmc!

I have this shaolin movie where it shows the cover art but it's background does not show.

Lastly a lot of the movies do not show their correct running time. For instance I have a movie which is 105 minutes on the imdb but it shows it here at 21 minutes. How can I fix all these problems

I am using the aeon skin

Many thanks in advance

EDIT: What a handy feature, I pressed stack and then it takes my 2 CD Dvdrip backups and shows them as one file. That is so handy. I tried getting cover art the usual way where you highlight the movie and press c then movie information. But I don't see any movie information in the list, where has it gone?

One other thing how do I remove the endings. I don't want to be able to see the .img and .iso endings in the library.

Sorry for all the questions but I really do hope you guys please could answer them all.

Many many thanks in advance
Sounds like you are running into incorrectly scrapped movies. Many times this happens with sequels or remakes.

One option is to rename your files/folders to include the year the movie was released (in () like "Iron Man (2008).iso". This really helps with remakes and can help with sequels.

Another option would be to use Media Companion. This is an application that scrapes your movie collection then creates .nfo file for each movie. Inside these .nfo files are things like title, overview, actors, year, director etc. If you ever run into a incorrect one, you can just edit it from the Media Companion application....

XBMC looks for .nfo when you scan, it will see the nfos with any changes you have made and import that information instead of going to imdb itself...

Another benefit for Media Companion is that it also downloads fanart and posters as well. It will save them in the same folder as the movie. So if you ever get the wrong one, you just replace it with the right one, then when xbmc scans it will pick up the right one...

Movies are generally called by the Title that is given by scanning/scrapping, if it scrapes the wrong movie, the title will be wrong. Running time is probably the same issue as well.

Fanart or background can be found HERE, not all movies have backgrounds. The backgrounds are created by the users (you and me), so if you are missing a background, create it and upload for the rest of us!!!
Have you tried refresh and manual lookup from the media information screen?
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hey guys thanks for the replies

Hello dandirk, when you say you should rename your files to get correct scraping. Do you mean I should exit XBMC and go to the folder on my hard drive and actually rename the ISO file?

I have renamed them all in capitals with spaces. Like for instance 'XMEN 3' I would write 'XMEN III THE LAST STAND' without the quotes. Is this fine?

Many thanks in advance
You should really use nfo files to guaranty a hit. You can either include a text file with the imdb url or a full description using xml nfos (see manual in my signature). Regardless the files need to have the same name, so movie.iso gets movie.nfo.
I have already renamed my ISO's, I take it that it's okay to just rename the nfo's the same name as my ISO's?

Once I do get the cover art is it okay to delete the nfo?

What is a DVD's IFO file? I see this in the Video_TS folders of my ISO's when I mount them with daemon tools?

Is this like an ID3 tag like on a MP3 used for scraping of cover art with the nfo?

Sorry for all the questions

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