Xbox 360 Controller EventClient

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MUXMAN Offline
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I run xboxeventclient.exe as a service in windowsXP... but the DOS window opens at and remains there opened, is it possible that when i execute the exe doesn't open any window?

Thx for the asnwers
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fablog Offline
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Hi guys,

thanks for this great program. I run it from XP and everything is perfect with XBMC. Now, I would like to launch Dolphin (emulator) from XBMC with the applauncher but without using this event client to control the emu (it have his own way to do it). Is it possible? Right now, when I do that I control dolphin and at the same time XBMC...not very good.
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got my wireless xbox360 controller for windows today .. hooked it up to my win7 x64 (and camelot beta1) box and after finding this program it works like a charm Smile thx man

[edit]only question i have is, which keymap do i tweak to edit buttons
honestly i only want to tweak one button (i don't use screenshots, but i do use "Info" command so i'd like to swap those)[/edit]

figured it out Smile gamepad.xml (i was trying to tweak the Xbox Controller S xml .. anyway .. thx again man

ps .. would love to see this built into xbmc in the future .. its fantastic .. best way to control the program for most situtations
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jacky89 Offline
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Please open a feature request ticket on the main site to include xbox controller support into future versions of XBMC. I've been requesting it but none of the developers are paying attention because there's not enough request for this.
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