How to exit XBMC
Hey, I have installed the latest version of XBMC on my ATV. I have just gotten into it to explore what the possibilities are and it looks great. Now I would like to return to the ATV main menu and I appear to be stuck in XBMC! Seems there should be an "Exit" option right on the main menu. I have tried everything to get out, including holding button combinations and it seems that the only way will be to unplug and replug the power to reboot.

How do I escape XBMC?

depending on what skin your using you should see a power off icon. The default skin should have the power off icon on the bottom right of your screen
Thanks, with some trial and error I found my way out. I never saw any menu for exit, I think my standard tv set ( I don't yet have an LCD ) does not show much to the right or left. XBMC seems to be set up for a 16:9 screen.

Would be a great "feature" to have the "exit" in a more obvious and intuitive spot. At the bottom of the main menu down the left side with all of the other major categories and visible makes a LOT of sense. Of course, if you intend to do all of your media from XBMC, who needs an exit button? For now my music is accessed the old fashioned way, through the main menu.
Wouldn't the correct solution be fixing your aspect ratio / resolution?

Anyway, the position of the Exit depends on the skin. Some skins have the exit option in the main menu.
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