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Add Source on Atv + XBMC using PC?
hi - i just installed xbmc and the latest atlantis beta 2 and i am trying to add a source where all my movie files are located.

Everything seems to be working fine ie I have all the menus as they show up on that youtube video explaining how to install XBMC on the ATV, but now I am stuck when it comes to getting media files to play from XBMC.

iTunes content works fine using the normal capability of the ATV, it syncs with the ATV, but XBMC doesn't. Do I need to have XBMC installed on my PC as well

I don't know how to share my content as I've never used network before, I basically right clicked on my G volume (external hard drive connected by USB to my PC) which is where all my media is located, clicked on the "Share" option, and am pretty much where I was before I did that, ie nothing familiar shows up on the network when I'm trying to add a source...

Please help! Smile

Add Source on Atv + XBMC using PC?00