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[LINUX] HOW-TO configure Soundgraph iMON VFD/IR Receiver (used by many HTPC chassis)
rgh184 Wrote:sudo apt-get remove lirc
sudo apt-get install lirc

By doing that, it just redownloads 8.0.4a

which is what is already installed.

so if there is something different that I need to be doing, please tell me.
Then I am out of ideas. I was just relaying what I learned in this same process. Maybe try googling the error youre getting when running lircd?
I've tried just googling it... it's what I did first.

I'm not a linux person... the only reason I'm going this route is for the GPU acceleration that is supposed to be present in XBMC under linux... which I guess does not exist in the Windows installs.

If I misread this somewhere, and linux doesn't have this advantage over a windows install, please tell me.
Your assumptions are correct. I went the linux route for the same reason. In order to get mine to work, I had to do a lot of research and trial and error. You'll get there, just keep at it.
Well then I am dedicated to this route for the foreseeable future.
I'm here to say that after 20+ hours of trying to make these instructions work, it's not possible.

I went back and referenced the OPs thread that gave him his big break, but it doesn't work either.

I'm at a 100% loss...

Since this forum seems to be nothing but hit and run guides, does anyone actually have some working instructions to get the LCD and IR working for this case?
I know the IR reciever is working because I can power it on via remote....

irw returns no ouput... nothing...
it was kenny's instructions that ultimately worked for me. I'd recommend starting with a fresh system.


I've formatted and reinstalled at least 15 times so far, so it's no biggie... Smile
Used Kenny's guide... works great... irw reports that my remote is sending codes and the box is receiving them.

However, XBMC doesn't see the remote.

Read another 15 conflicting threads about how to make this finally work, but again, it doesn't.

Since you pointed the Kenny thread out, can you point me the rest of the way with what Lircmap.xml and Keymap.xml files I should be using and where I'm supposed to put them?

Also, I saw Kenny had the beginings of some instructions for getting the LCD working... did you have any success with those?


I have a Harmony 880 that I ultimately want to use with this rig... what do you suggest in the way of programing to get this working as a MCE replacement remote? I tried just setting up a profile as a MCE remote, but irw just ignores any commands sent from it....

for fun I broke out my old XBOX 1 dvd remote... it doesn't see any codes coming in with that either.
I have a harmony 890 and I was never able to get the harmony as an MCE remote working with the 0038. I've actually ended up ordering an HP MCE USB receiver recently. But at least the built in one will turn the thing on. As far as emulating the the veris RM200 goes, its a pretty big pain in the butt. I suggest iMon pad in the logitech setup, but ultimately I ended up talking to logitech's tier 2 support and they hand edited my files. If you end up talking to them, you can tell them that you know noumenon272 (thats me at logitech) has the RM200 working ok, and they might be able to copy my codes.

I ended up hand editing my own keymaps and lircmap. I'll post em, but they're pretty customized, you may not like them. They work with the RM200 (and my harmony emulating the RM200). Once you get IRW running press a button, see what the read out is, then put it in your Lircmap.xml. I recommend just assigning OBC codes to everything. You are supposed to be able to just put them in /home/user/.xbmc/userdata, but that doesn't work for me. I ended up having to put them in:

Here is my Lircmap.xml:

  <remote device="Antec_Veris_RM200">


and my remote.xml keymap at pastebin:


edit: The RM200 does work, and the harmony does emulate it. Its just laggy. Also, I never got the LCD working. Ubuntu 9.10 is planned to have support for lcdproc 0.5.3 (which supports the imon LCD), so I figure I'll try again then.
Honestly, I'm just wanting to be able to control the dang thing in a robust way with my Harmony remote. The power on is the whole reason I bought this stupid case, so I'm sure I might be able to inject that one remote code into the Harmony somehow...

So you're recommending a MCE IR reciever... then I can just put the Harmony in MCE mode and call it done?

The LCD thing can wait... I wasn't really all the excited about it anyway... If it's eventually supported, then great.

This has been a nightmare to get set up.... I have learned a ton about Linux (which is good) but man what a pain....
Don't know yet about the MCE receiver yet... still haven't received in the mail. Others report it works well though.

You can get the harmony working, and even working in a usable manner... its just not as fast as I would like. The RM200 is perfectly responsive, so its logitech's emulation that is the problem. Apparently the way the codes are sent is different than most remotes. I can power on and control everything reasonably well though.

hey, at least you learned something...

I took a break from my install, lol... I reinstalled at least 30 times in 2 days... Will try again tomorrow... Tarantulas... Did you just do a fresh install and then follow kenny's guide exactly? Was there anything different?

I did a clean install of 32bit Ubunto Jaunty mini following this exact procedure


I did skip the LIRC step and the stuff about optional steps for the daily builds.

I then followed Kenny's guide to the letter (correcting a couple of typos along the way) and was able to get input from my remote in irw.
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[LINUX] HOW-TO configure Soundgraph iMON VFD/IR Receiver (used by many HTPC chassis)0
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