Remote problems
I use a Microsoft MCE Remote and this is not working.

Not all the buttons on the Microsoft's MCE Remote is mapped/in use.
Some of the mappings are not logical, my opinion, like menu on play button?

My remote won't work after standby or hybernate, and can't wake up the htpc from standby or hybernate with my remote.

Using XBMC Live 8.10
I have the same problems with hibernate, but if I'm not mistaken, those are linux issues and have nothing to do with xbmc. I'd suggest looking over at forums for answers for those. I agree some of the buttons aren't logical, but I just went through they keymap myself and customized it to my liking.
I am having the same problem with XBMC Live installed onto USB flash drive. I can wake XBMC from standby by pushing the PC power button on my Microsoft MCE remote model 1039, but XBMC crashes when resuming from standby. Sad

And yes, some of the buttons have crazy mapping!
I updated the acpid on my XBMC, and now it will resume from standby by pressing the power button on my remote.

However, once XBMC restarts, it is completely unresponsive to commands from my remote, but it will respond to my USB keyboard and mouse. LIRC 0.8.3 seems to be working, and when i run irw, it echos the commands received from the remote. The only way I can get XBMC to respond to my remote again is to restart it using ctrl-alt-backspace. Did I forget to configure something?
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