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(Temporary fix) for Too many consecutive failed items
excuse the bad English

In add sources rather than select the DVD or CD Drive, write the path of the drive

exp: /media/cdrom0

And for nvidea slow graphics I fix the problem using drivers version 96

Celerom 2000
Xubuntu 8.10 boots in 15 seconds
Nvidea FX5200 and driver version 96 with good performance in xbmc
Lirc and pinnacle pctv pro remote with serial reciver

Now everything works as it should be

Thanks for the hint - it works for me OK when I mount the disk not in /media/whatever_the_disk_name_is, but somewhere in /home, where I can access it... not the most graceful solution, but seems to work.


(Temporary fix) for Too many consecutive failed items00