Now Playing in PM3 HD?
I was trying out the new HD skin. Very slick, looks great. Thanks.

One Difference I noticed to PM III is that I haven't found a way to show the now playing list through the OSD.

Where there used to be the now playing list, there is now "select visualization" and there is a stop button, which wasn't there before.

Is there a way to change that back or am I missing something here? Right now going to the now playing list when playing music can take quite some while, cos you need to go back to the music library.

Using Atlantis (t3ch) on xbox.

Thanks in advance.
It was removed on purpose yes to accomodate the stop button for Apple users that only have a 6 button remote with no stop button.
Can you add it back sure but you will need to redraw the graphics and re edit the code Sad

Sorry if its harder for you but I'm not inclined to change it back the way it was
Can you make it so you can pull it up with a key on the remote with the keymap.xml? (I don't use it myself...just trying to help.)

Thanks for the answers. After reading about the apple remote I already guessed it was removed because of the apple trunk.

And yeah, I'll try to use some other button then.

Off-Topic: What good is the stop button in contrast to the pause button anyway? Playback stops either way. I don't think I've ever used the stop button in quite some years of using xbmc.
Play button does Pause and Unpause, Stop is obviously stop Smile
Well said. :p

Maybe it has to do with the way I use xbmc. For me it is basically a music jukebox, where essentially I still don't really see the point of a stop button.
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