Weather 'FanArt' Backdrops based on current weather conditions?
FourTwentySmilz Wrote:I don't know about anyone else.....but I'm over it. I said what I said....I still think what I said makes perfect sense. "FanArt" for Weather is not a practical idea. Not even if 300 people jump onboard. Where are all the images coming from for each city in the entire world? Where are we gonna scrape the images from? With what will we scrape the images with......a Weather scraper? Come on!

Whatever......people are gonna see it the way they want. What I said is the way I see it. Sorry if I pissed in anyones breakfast this morning.

I agree that it's probably not efficient or all that useful to do fanart for weather. However, pretty much every feature in XBMC and related projects has started by one person asking for it. After all, it takes one person to request it before many are able to. If you don't like the idea, you can just post saying that and move on... why continue being rude to the OP?

A little anecdote for you... before fan art was incorporated into TheTVDB, we almost didn't do it for fear that it would take too much bandwidth and that there wouldn't be enough quality artwork for older shows. Time and many users/artists proved me wrong, and now fanart is branching off into every other media section. If weather fanart were added to XBMC, there'd be a host within a few weeks and dozens of images uploaded daily. It's not a matter of having an image for every city in the world... it's a matter of having an image for every city with XBMC users. There's a big difference.
Why not? I would like random cool thunder storm backgrounds and tropical beaches, I tink it would be sweet!
Well......I was wrong. Everyone from Team Leaders to DataBase admin thinks Weather FanArt is the next big thing. I'll learn one day to just keep my mouth shut.

Who wants to host

Anyway......what has been mentioned here sounds more to me like "scrolling" Custom Backgrounds.......which isn't FanArt. I apoligized earlier for having an opposing view......and I'm doing it again. I'm sorry. I was wrong. I know nothing. I'll start looking for FanArt today for
Just putting in my two cents... I like this idea too. I guess I will have to look into what Nuka said... but regarding that, Would I delete whatever control is currently bringing up the background art in the weather xml? Otherwise both textures would be rendered on top of each other, using more resources right?
How about backgrounds based on current weather conditions Smile
It wouldnt really be that hard would it? Just copy and paste the chunk of code from a movie section Tongue

I dont even care if the weather it self had a bg but im using aeon theme and i dont think it lets u pick a bg for weather, but it does for everything else.. I would be happy with a bg folder for the menu! not that the blades of grass arnt cool and all would just add a little something more to it Big Grin

in a multiimage may work as a folder name,

but for an image control, there is a Weather.Conditions infoimage, so maybe

might work, might not?
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OK people......I come with a peace offering.

I found a site where Hi-Res images from around the world are posted. I think the thread starter said he was from here is a great image of St. Paul's Cathedral in London ( which means the image would be recognized as being London). Is this close to what people are wanting? You know, beautiful images of their hometowns.
lol Im in for anything, like tropical pics, or thunder stroms, main thing is all other menus grab random images except for the static bg for weather button

Dont you just love the way threads change! Few people with a bit of clout get involved and your looking at it actually becoming a reallity!!


I like Wir3d idea alot!!!
or link the background to street camera's in the city for a current view Huh
yes, even if it could point to custom pictures you took or downloaded yourself. . if the picture was named rain, wind, sun, night, hot temp, cold temp, or whatever, if the weather said that, it would pull the corresponding picture from whatever folder you need to put that picture in, so if its snowing, it would pull a picture with snow, raining it would show the rain picture. you could just go get the pictures yourself from online, and put them in the default folder for each city. It wouldnt necessarily need to scrape. It would just need a specific naming and folder convention.
I actually really like the idea of weather location fanart. I mean I have 3 locations, why should the background be the same for all of them. Would make it really easy to tell which is selected without reading.
This is a brillant idea.
PHP Code:
<imagepath diffuse="twc-fanart-diffuse.png">$INFO[Weather.Conditions]</imagepath

that works good for a multiimage. the thing is Weather.Conditions has a space at the end. i just committed a change to svn, if it doesn't get reverted. name a folder "Cloudy" and if it's Cloudy it will work.
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Weather 'FanArt' Backdrops based on current weather conditions?1
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