[AppleTV] HOW-TO disable the Apple TV auto-update (ATV)

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dimsumx Wrote:A question I've been meaning to ask, is there any reason to upgrade the the aTV after we've disabled the autoupdate, if we're only going to be using it strictly with XBMC?

It depends on your wishes to what frontrow looks like for you. XBMC will run on the new atv upgrade aswell as the old one (just need some re-patching.)
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If you have the most recent version of Launcher, you can turn off ATV updates:

Select Launcher > Setting > ATV OS Enabled

Setting should be set to No
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Hi all,

I am having problems with this. I set Apple TV OS updates to no, but it will keep asking me. This sucks. Any solutions for this? I don't want to upgrade to 4.3 and lose my xbmc.


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(2009-11-02 17:50)davince Wrote:  
pmcd Wrote:To re-enable do we just comment out or delete that last line in hosts? No rebooting, etc...?


Yes, deleting the line enables the ATV to contact the 'real' update-server again...
I'm new here, but you probably should proceed with caution, because an auto-update can/will disable your patchstick functionality.

I beg you forgive my extreme ignorance here, but could you explain where I find 'hosts' and how I delete the last line in it? I know nothing of command line.

I disabled auto-update in 2008. I was suddenly overcome with a sense of adventure and updated XBMC all the way to 11.0 from whatever was current in 2008. Now, it doesn't work at all because the AppleTV os is too old. I really need to update the AppleTV in order to use XBMC again. Thank you.
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