Wanna upgrade Take1 - SVN needs Password?
I have an SVN question...

I have installed the Tortus Client and have all but figured out that i need to add the 'url' to get what I want... but it prompts me for a username and password.

figuring becasue the files are located on Sourceforge I surfed over and made an account... but that didnt get me access.

I have been using the zipped version in some of Chi3f's older posts...
not sure if that is kept up to date or not.

am I missing something or a how to Use SVN thread somewhere? Huh
I still cant get my head round it... I was under the impression you installed it and could then right click say on files within SVN and it would download them... Huh
Right click somewhere inside the base folder where you want the svn copy to go (it will create it's own folder when downloading so you don't need to create a seperate folder for it) click SVN checkout

Url of repository:
Click OK
You ROCK!!!

that did it!!! thank you! Downloading as I type! I got some work ahead of me tonight!

Thank you Sw1tch!
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Wanna upgrade Take1 - SVN needs Password?00