Regex match in CreateSearchURL xbmc crash

I try to tweak scraper. But I have very little experience with scrapers. I cannot understand what I'm doing wrong - maybe someone can explain.

As I understood buffer $$1 holds cleaned filename something like "Die Hard (1988)"
And all what I try to do is regexp match on this string to split title and year.

My modified CreateSearchURL function:

<CreateSearchUrl dest="3" SearchStringEncoding="CP1251">
<RegExp input="$$1" output=";from=forma&amp;result=adv&amp;m_act%5Bfrom%5D=forma&amp;m_act%5Bwhat%5D=content&amp;m_act%5Bfind%5D=\1&amp;m_act%5Byear%5D=\2" dest="3">

When I tried to get movie details using this scraper XBMC crashed.

Thank you.

P.S Sorry for my English.
apart from the excessive spaces i don't see anything wrong with it
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Regex match in CreateSearchURL xbmc crash00