Why .tbn?
Just to satisfy my own curiosity...what is the purpose of having a thumbnail as a .tbn file? It would appear that the file is identical to folder.jpg in every way except for maybe the filename...
.tbn can be used for other stuff, such as for an movie named "My movie.avi" you can add a "My movie.tbn" etc..
because some people have many movies in one folder so folder.jpg wouldn't work.
Yeah....my list is 450+ movies....all in 1 folder. I need those .tbn files!!!!!LOL LOL
mkv1080p Wrote:because some people have many movies in one folder so folder.jpg wouldn't work.

Why not change the naming convention?


I think the OP's asking "why .tbn instead of jpg" it would make sense if I had the movie "The Sting" artwork should logically be "the sting.jpg" or .bmp. If I hadn't read the wiki carefully I would have never figured it out, folder.jpg doesn't make as much sense for me, if I have one movie in each folder, folder.jpg isn't even the best method IMHO. if I'm searching for movie art work (I have 1 movie per folder) folder.jpg's can get confusing. I myself have always been curious why it's not moviename.jpg, butg for whatever reason it's tbn Smile
I would like to add that the .tbn extension adds quite a bit of work to people using e.g. the gimp to create the thumbnails. Because the extension doesnt reflect the filetype, one option to show all files has to be set as well as the file type has to be chosen manually from a huge list.

Another advantage of filetype extensions would be to add support for other file types some day.
Agreed. It seems the better option to keep the image file extension and just use the movie name as the title. Or add '-cover' just as it's being done with '-fanart' right now.

But if it is changed to movie_name.jpg from movie_name.tbn be sure to keep the backwards support for tbn for everyone who burnt their DVDs with the tbn file. Wink

I understand that folder.jpg is somewhat confusing, on the other hand why do you tink that http://www.imdb.com uses tt0083658 as a title reference?
I have movies with name like 11:14 maybe there are titles which XP,Linux interprets as a command..?

maybe tt0083658-imdb.jpg
movie/78-themoviedb.org is even better
Isn't this thread JUST about the tbn extension? It seems like most people were arguing folder.jpg vs [moviename].tbn, but I didn't see a reason why .tbn was used at all. Smile

In other words, you're bumping a year old thread that doesn't seem to be related (unless a mod merged your post in).
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.tbn was from the xbox days, it was the extension used to set your own thumbnail with xbe files
ah thanks RenZ0R.. Finally a valid reason why tbn is used. out of curiosity, can <moviename>.jpg be used? I find it strange we still use tbn for thumbnails even though we use .jpg for fanart.

I don't have a problem either way though really.. tbn just makes it hard to browse my smb shares on other pcs.
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