my first skin help
Hello all,

I managed to add a weather stream, and now was attempting to add a games button to the PM skin, and so far have been successful except for two things.

1) the Grey background that surrounds programs and video etc.. is not there for my button is that because it's part of the programs icon?

2) the button itself doesn't have the onclick light like the other factory buttons. It works but you don't know when it's highlighted except nothing else is.

Any help is appreciated I'm a very newbie so please be gentle I have copied that par of my code below

begin paste

<control type="button" id="66">
<description>My Games push button</description>
<hitrect x="45" y="-15" w="220" h="40" />
<font>special13</font> <onclick>ActivateWindow(MyPrograms,games)</onclick>
<control type="image">
end paste
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