WEB interface for mobile devices
Hello all, this is my very first post. I discovered xbmc which solved quite all the issues of my automated lounge system. I am really satisfied with it.
There is only one final step to take: the control of the music being played from a mobile device.
I own a Nokia N800 but my thoughts also applies to other mobile devices which have small or medium screen.
For me and my family, controlling the music being played on the server without using the tv screen is definitely the only possible option. It is essential to be able to quickly browse, search and play music from folders. And doing this using the web capabilities of xbmc seems outstanding to me.
Unfortunately I am not able to find out a web interface which fit well on small screen.
My Nokia N800 drives a 800x480 screen, which is not very small, but all the interfaces I have tried are builded with a large browser in mind. In fact the covering of the screen is definitely not optimized, with large area being unused or bad used.
I would build it by myself if I only was able to, but I have no experience in programming nor in web building.

My need are very simple (at least I think so). I just need to be able to browse the folders and play songs or add them to the current playlist, without getting crazy scrolling all the time. Also stylus is ok for me.

So, I am loosing some important link, or it doesn't exist an interface like this?

Thanks in advance
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