Ninja Video and other plugins
Are you sure you have veohproxy running? I couldn't find it on the Voinage's plugin web page. I found it here:

I had the same problem as you do before I found veohproxy and got it running.
Wow man you know you just made me out to be the biggest ass:p

Thats not the same Veoh! Thanks. Ill be giving it a shot, but like I said this was brought up to me once in the past and I have been running it but what I did just a few hours ago was re-install it incase something got messed up but being in a hurry that wasn't even it.

Whats weird is that I went into scripts to activate it and it said it was (running) just like the proxy!Big Grin

EDIT: Well I gave Quicksilver another go at it, of course no luck. Pirate city worked but the streaming was terrible!

Nothing new as of yet. Sorry I haven't been on, got tied up with work and getting my car ready for winter.
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