MediaStream Optimized Fanart Pack
This fanart pack is a compilation of all the fanart posted in this forum (thanks to all those who made them for their excellent work!) for all the different sections including music, movies, games, etc, as well as a lot that i've found and edited myself from various wallpaper and royalty free image sites. I've especially added a lot to the pictures and arcade sections.

The reason for a MediaStream specific fanart pack is for the home screen. The ability to have different multiimages (slideshows) depending on which section is highlighted really allows MediaStream to shine, but unfortunately a lot of fanart out there doesn't look too great due the left most third of the image being cut off by the menu. I have gone through all these images and either cropped or flipped them to get them to work as well as possible with the MediaStream home screen. Those that simply wouldn't work were deleted.

I figured I might as well post for everyone to take advantage of my work. There are a bit over 1,000 images here. Let me know if there are any you think should be taken out or changed Smile

PS: I have also posted a weather fanart pack with an additional 800 images chosen to look good on mediastream. If interested, you can find them here:
Wowsers, timdog, this is excellent! No more half covered backdrops Cool Thanks for all your hard work on this!

On a sidenote: i wonder if you have the original sized backdrops also available.
I did make some of them a bit smaller down to 1600x900 because i noticed some lag in loading on my system in the mediastream home screen, no black screen or anything, but just the animation was much more sudden than with the default images, so i lowered the resolution slightly for some of the images. The difference really shouldn't be noticeable at all...but I can see about uploading another version if you want..
Thanks so much for your post, downloading them now Smile
hey man... looks great... good on u for putting in the effort... a great skin deserves a great pack like this one... so, splendid job...
sorry for the n00b question.

how do I use these in the skin? put them all on the xbox?
if you're using the xbox, you'll probably want to resize all of them to be a bit smaller using a batch converter like irfanview. But yeah, put them on the xbox, then in mediastream skin settings (if you are actually using mediastream), there are options for various sections, such as for movies, it says "select movies background folder." This will allow you to navigate to the movies folder from this pack and it will automatically display a slideshow of the moviefanart from that folder in the background when movies is highlighted in the home screen. If you're using another skin, some have options like this, some don't. You'll have to look around in the skin settings in other skins.
thanks tim!

love mediastream.
Hey, does anyone have a different link to this file that does not require a Rapidshare account? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The rapidshare link says you have to be a premium member to download the file...

Can someone post an alternate link? =\
Shuey Wrote:The rapidshare link says you have to be a premium member to download the file...

Can someone post an alternate link? =\

Works for me. Try again?
It's working now, thanks timdog Smile
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