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I have been able to really check out Boxee for the first time the last couple of days. There are several really nice things I would love to see in XBMC as well.
One of those is the "big picture" plugin. Well, it's part of Boxee by default so maybe it should be called something else.

Anyway, it takes this feed and puts it into a sort of slideshow and shows you the text at the same time. You are then able to use your controls to flip through the various items.

I think this is a VERY nice way of combining news items with nice HQ pictures and I would love to have this ability in xbmc too.
Is this something that can be done through an xbmc plugin, and if so, anybody willing to take a shot at it?

Or Team-XBMC, is there a chance this will be ported over from Boxee to xbmc?


when you select an item like above, it opens a new series of photos for that particular item.
At first glance I don`t think it`s possible in a picture plugin on xbmc, at least last time i looked at picture plugins.

Possibly the overlay of the feed and the alpha may cause probs via plugin, hope i`m wrong.

Script would do it though.

I think i will investigate more thoroughly.
Sweet, that would be great Smile
Thanks for looking into it!
Oh, Jeroen would you mind if I used the Ninja video image that you created for the new plugin collaboration ?

Unbehagen,me,Coolblaze & yourself.

Pm me i`ll send you a test link


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