"Symbol" my XBMC skin, need opinions...
i uploaded my skin "symbol" here xbox-skins.
please let me know your opinion about it.
(marcotix @ june 15 2004,19:28 Wrote:i uploaded my skin "symbol" here xbox-skins.
please let me know your opinion about it.
looks great.. when i get my internet back at home i'll download it and give it a try.. i'm curious how you made the "recently added to my videos"
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that was pretty easy, i just copied it from the reference.xml.
i also modified the layout of the butttons in all the menus, they are orizzontal in the bottom of the screen instead of vertical left so let me know how do you feel comfortable with them and if you have any suggestion.
very nice Nod
i just installed your skin. pretty nice.

my main obervation is that the "my x" buttons just don't seem to fit the overall style and color of the skin. something a bit more roundish would seem to fit better. and the colors seem to be too bright to really go with the skin.

also i'm using it at 1080i, so there are some issues there (as is often the case) such as the osd's background image not lining up with its buttons, but it's still usable.
thank you dapperdan for the observations, i have already in mind to replace some of the gfx in the home window and if any good photoshop user wanna help with that i'll really appreciate it.
i'm sorry i cannot test the 1080i as i have a normal 4/3 pal tv and a portable 7'' 16/9 lcd.
i did not understand the prob with the osd background image, if you mean the image for the scripts i already fixed it in the new version.
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drop me a pm with your email addy and i can send you a screen grab of the osd issue. you may also want to look at the differences between your osd setup and the default skin's. since the default osd is fine at 1080i.

also, i understand about not being able to test the 1080i stuff. not a big deal.

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"Symbol" my XBMC skin, need opinions...0
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