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MP TV-Server + PiipTV -> XMBC With TV!
I really don't know what's missing. Most XBMC user seems to be careless for the one feature missing from XBMC. TV support. Well what about this proposal (that's why i'm posting a new thread).

1) Download & Install MP TV-Server (only TV-Server needed)
2) Configure XMLTV for the TV-Server (it has autoupdate and all)
3) Intall the PiipTV plugin for RTSP streaming
4) Install a (not writen) script on XBMC
- To get the EPG from the PiipTV's HTTP server
- The XML has RTSP Url's for each channel (rtsp://IP:8554/ptv_CHANNEL.sdp)
- Display the programming and have buttons for viewing the channels
- You can even pass parameters to have the channel name on display
5) Be happy and watch TV over the LAN
There is a real patch for TVServer support on trac aswell.
as soon as a developer starts using the mps tvserver it will get implemented. I myself will probably start use it in a few weeks or so. So the patch might get in to the next point release.
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"Well Im gonna download the code and look at it a bit but I'm certainly not a really good C/C++ programer but I'd help as much as I can, I mostly write in C#."
i would love to watch tv though XBMC and its the only feature really missing and stopping me from building a new HD Computer Setup
any news on this one ?

Tv support is the only thing missing for me to use XBMC.

And it would be great to see support for MP Tv server as backend.

Check out this link to the mediaportal forum. This may be a way to do this without using the Piip TV. Haven't tried this but will be doing so in the next week or so.

MP TV-Server + PiipTV -> XMBC With TV!00