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[New Skin] Looking for some feedback
Nice work Jezz, like the fanart with the side menu doesn't look too busy
Wow they look great. I like the poster view quite a lot.
Just thought some people might be interested in more done (think I posted some of these higher but the links went dead for me)

Few other things have been done too but I mostly concentrating on the Video Library to fill the overall theme of the skin
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I like it, with the exception of the current backdrop in those screenshots, ...I think that backdrop it is a little too similar to the carbon fiber look in PM3/PM3.HD, as I feel that carbon fiber have too much of a 90'ish look to it these days.

I been waiting long now for an XBMC skin with a carousel spinner for the home menu Nod see:
I been jealous of the carousel home menu of MediaPortal's Xface skin for quite some time now:

Really looking forward to this! Big Grin

[EDIT]: PS! One request; please add "Home" and "Back" buttons (icons) to each view/section to make it more touchscreen friendly, as suggested here =>
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Gamester if there is one thing this skin will not support is touch screens and even mouse use.
I had to compromize so much with pm3.hd to make it useable with a mouse that it wasn't funny in the end. but thats what the default skin needed.
This will 100% be remote control and to a lesser extent controller and keyboard only. although I can see the touch screen side (for cars) people who use a mouse with a media center need shooting.
Besides unless they invented cheap 30inch or bigger touch screens then you will have a hard time reading some fonts anyway. Not to mention getting up every time to touch the TV
I agree with you regarding mouse control keyboard is far quicker.
and i disagree with the idea of the carousel view i prefer coverflow.
But your mockup screens look great am looking forward to seeing it in action
ya doing a great job...Big Grin
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can't wait to try this skin...

Appreciate if you can make it work on the XBox

Looks really great. Only comment i have is regarding the media overlay on the home screen. I think it would look better if the "carousel" was hidden when a song is playing and the album art + song info took more of a center stage (and maybe with a visualization in the back?).

Looking forward to it!
Holy cow man it's the slickest skin around.
Another episode view I was working on today (still some finishing touches to go)

Image Image
Jezz_X Wrote:Another episode view I was working on today (still some finishing touches to go)

Image Image

Very nice. The whole concept is beautiful I must say.
Couple more that show Current Now Playing media stuff. (Note the Player options buttons only appear on the side menu when playing media and have yet to be remade to look better)

When playing music and selecting any of the "Player Options" buttons this slides up from the bottom with a nice smooth animation

And here is the same thing just with videos
any idea when we can get to play with this masterpiece?
Yep, looking really good Jezz! Big Grin
Your work is very impressive. I can't wait to try this skin. Smile

[New Skin] Looking for some feedback00