Xbmc live (usb) keymap.xml
Hello every one.
i am a old time user of xbmc for xbox and have recently installed the live version on a usb stick.

I'm using a Hp Pavilion laptop and the remote that came with it most of the controls are working however their are a few that are not right.
I was looking for the keymap.xml file to see if i would be able to change something there.
There is no Keymap.xml in the live version? or has it been renamed?

Its specifically the toggle OSD and switch between visualizations which in widows i believe is the guide button on the remote.

Can any one point me in the right direction of editing the keymap?
for the guide, zoom. live Tv, rec TV, span shot buttons.

Another separate issue i am having is that my laptop has
its own build in Inferred remote censor and unless i block it up
xbmc receives a double command every time i push a button.

I was hoping i could either switch off the internal censor or better yet use my hp Remote with out the USB Irr receiver as that does work but with a loss of buttons, including, pause, play, ffw, RW. which are the most important.

So is there a way to change the keys if so point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help..

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