XBMC.RunPlugin handle issues -1
14:57:59 M: 35516416 ERROR: DIRECTORY::CPluginDirectory::AddItem - called with an invalid handle.


['plugin://video/Crunchyroll/', '-1', '']

This happens when i call the XBMC.RunPlugin.
tried it from a script also same result.
It`s probably me missing something but i can`t figure it out.

The isfolder is set to True and the plugin is fine on it`s own, just when called.


Tried it from a script and plugin always the same result.
It will not run any plugins
that builtin is confusing but necessary.

if your running a plugin that gives a listing (isFolder=True), you use ActvateWindow()

if your running a plugin that plays media (isFolder=False), you use RunPlugin(). eg youtube that needs a session id.
For python coding questions first see http://mirrors.xbmc.org/docs/python-docs/
Thanks for the help Nuka,

I`m finally getting to grips with the internals.

Dialogs==> in Plugins are great, the select is wonderful.

Starting to use the yesno.

Hopefully I can complete my unified Plugin to run all of my other plugins now.
Xbmc is a true masterpiece, thanks.
Found my Error:
Wrong: 'XBMC.RunPlugin('+ Pluginurl+')')
Right: ActivateWindow(Videos,'+ Pluginurl+')')
Thread necro here. Does anyone know how to get the plugin url for a specific plugin?
do you have an example?

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XBMC.RunPlugin handle issues -10
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