Can't see any fanart

i'am using the most current XBMC (running on XBOX) version plus the Horizons skin. The Problem is, that no fanart is displayed Sad (in other skins like PM3-HD it is). I've also downloaded the fanart manually with "Get fanart". Also put it as moviename-fanart.jpg in the movies folder (I'am using SMB share), nothing worked.

Has any one an idea why its not displayed?

Thanks a lot
Are you using the library or files mode? What view are you using? Checked the skin settings?

Give us something to work with, Mork0075.
I'am using the library mode, currently with showcase view. If you mean by setting that the option "contextual artwork for movies and tv shows" is enabled, i can say that it is.
I've tried smb as well as local files. Therefor i made a folder, within i placed a *.avi and *-fanart.jpg. Nothing worked. The Cover is displayed perfectly, but the views background stays monochrome (black and white Horizons standard background image).

Thanks for your help Smile
If i'm correct the folder layout has to be:


This doenst work too. With the info menu, you can select a fanart with "Get Fanart". I tried this, selecting a concrete jpg from the local hdd. Even then it doesnt work.
I've given you the tvshow folder layout, sry.

Are you using 1080p mode? Maybe it's a memory issue...
Thanks, thats the case. Five Minutes Ago i switched from 1080i to 720p and hey -> it works. The problem is, that Horizons looks much better with 1080i then 720p. Do you have any idea how to solve it?
Get yourself a htpc Rolleyes

1080i and the oldskool xbox will never be good friends, due to it's little memory...
Damn, i thought the xbox would be the all in one solution. I dont want to watch videos in 1080i, only the XBMC skin Wink

Is it usual that 720p and 1080i differ that much in quality? (i dont have any experience whith this kind of resolution). How much would a HTPC be?
It depends on the skin and it's textures... Those beautiful skins available nowadays use larger amounts of mem... Also the skindesigners can go beyond the xbox mem limits, because XBMC envolved to other platforms...

Well i think that 1080i + fanart is too much for the xbox. Without fanart it will be doable... Though you can try different skins.

As for Horizonz, you could try the optimized textures. But i think they will have the same effect as using 720p.
With the optimized textures it is possible to have fanart with 1080i, but its not 100% stable. Watching a movie and returning to the showcase view results in not showing any fanart, probably because of full memory. If you return to the main menu and then reenter the movies section, it works.

How much (how less) has someone to invest to build up a small, living room compliant, cheap, FULL-HD (1080i) enabled HTPC?
This ain't the topic for discussing htpc's, so i would advice looking here:
no idea dude
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