XBCD Controller (Xbox 360 controller) in XBMC Without Key Emulation
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This Makes an original Xbox controller work in XBMC using XBCD.

I have redone the xgi to be closer to a standard XBCD setup. In order to make the new xgi work I had to modify the keymap.xml. Installation instructions are in the readme.txt.

Download: XBCD for XBMC.zip (Mediafire)
I get a 403 Forbidden when I try to access your xgi. Can you or anyone else repost it please?
I fixed the link, I had it hosted on my houses server but my brother and I upgraded it the other night so its a little bit different now.
I'm confused as it's not working for me. What might i be missing? I grabbed the drivers for Vista 64bit already, used the 'safe' auth, and it's working fine, all buttons ruble and analogs stuff. I changed all the above mentioned "Madcat..." to "
<altname>XBCD Xbox Controller S</altname>" as that's what it's showing up as in my Joysticks panel. I loaded up XBCD settings, And also tried loading the xgi file in the 'Xbox' tab in XBCD settings, and also tried loading in the Windows tab, but the joystick is still not working or functioning to any controls inside XBMC. What did i possibly miss?? An interesting thing to add, in XBCD Setup Utility, under Device it shows as "XBox Gamepad" instead of in the joystick control panel it shows up as XBCD Xbox Controller S, but neverless I tried renaming all altname's in my keymap.xml file to both in case, and nother worked. But the joystick IS being seen and working just fine.
Works perfectly for me, thanks so much. I would like to stop the profile switching on both sticks being pressed though, since I'm not using it for anything else and on the default profile the triggers take screenshots (and I've already filled my C drive with .bmps once today, don't fancy doing it again). Do I just need to change one mapping from B11/B12 or something else?
All I can recommend is removing the second profile from the xgi. In XBCD setup in the top right corner of the main screen there is a profile selection box and a menu button, just change the profile in the box to 2 and in the menu is a remove option.

Is anything responding in XBMC, like if you hit one of your triggers in XBMC does it take a screenshot? If not check your keymap.xml, the controller names are case sensitive. If the case isn't correct it doesn't find the controller.

By the way I just used the same method with the same xgi to get this to work in boxee. Plus I can confirm that it works fine in Windows 7 because that's what I'm using.
Nothing is responding. I will keep trying though, i would love to get this working. I don't mind my PS3 BT remote, but i always like using the joystick more. Just been using it so much over the years i guess.
It Works! Thanks XIYL
Finally my HTPC XBMC can be controlled natively as it is in xbox1 xbmc with the gamepad Wink

Using system as listed on my sig, Vista 32bit.
Using 'Logitech Thunderpad' XBox1 small wired controller that shows as 'XBCD XBox Gamepad' in game controllers.

to devs:
I suggest adding
'XBCD XBox Gamepad'
'XBCD XBox 360 Gamepad'
as alt controller names in keymap.xml. Then it works almost out of the box, only XBCD driver needs that xgi profile loaded.

'XBCD Xbox Controller S' should it be Gamepad not Controller? and Xbox as XBox if case needs to be 100% correct also.

Edit2, Looking at XBCD.inf file only
"XBCD XBox Gamepad"
"XBCD XBox 360 Gamepad"
are possible names for the controller.

What driver/version are you using?
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That's what's weird. Even though it's the same device, in all 3 area's in the picture i took, there's a different name. It IS the only thing hooked up. I do have a x360 guitar, but i unplugged it before doing any of this.

And here is my pastlog of my Keymap.xml file-

And a pastbin of my XBCD.inf file. The driver is supposedly the latest released that includes the certificate to bypass the driver not loading for most because of good old Microsoft messing THAT up in Vista. I am using Vista 64 bit.

And i tried removing all and separately trying to load the xbcd using Microsoft as well as Xbox, but NO buttons are recognized. I don't know what I could be missing here. Thanks a lot for the help BTW. It's much so appreciated.
XBCD settings seems to be the same only controller name is different.
You seem to be using different XBCD driver than me.

I'm using original XBCDv107.exe with xbcd360_0.2.5.2_vista_32.rar Vista upgrade.
Maybe it's the 64bit Vista that is causing it.

BTW sticky this thread or add to wiki on how to use the xbox gamepad on Windows XBMC.
Asus P5N7A-VM|Win7 32bit|Intel C2D E8400|2GB|integrated nVidia 9300-HDMI|Integrated Audio-Optical SPDIF| 50" plasma 3DTV (Samsung PS50C7705)
I am using XBCD_Installer_2.06 which is the latest, and has some fixes for a lot of people's having problems from older versions. I agree this should be stickied also, since up til now 0% support was provided for joysticks, and this seems to be a nice working solution (maybe not quite for 64bit users until we figure this problem out. But I'm trying to get that figured out with more help hopefully.)
Do you have download link for that, google gave nothing. I could try that also.
Asus P5N7A-VM|Win7 32bit|Intel C2D E8400|2GB|integrated nVidia 9300-HDMI|Integrated Audio-Optical SPDIF| 50" plasma 3DTV (Samsung PS50C7705)
I noticed it's actually XBCD-Installer0.2.6, i noticed i keyed in the version number wrong in my message. It's dated dec. 9,2008, which was the most recent date of a XBCD driver i have found to date, and noted it fixes a number of people's issues, especially with Vista. Hope that helps.
Dude...where in the hell do you live? I could just kiss you right now...if that weren't like, totally effing weird.

Thank you. You've solved one of the biggest annoyances I've had since switching to windoze. Now to unmap everything in Xpadder except for the mouse to left thumbstick.

It's a great day.

One question...what about a way to have XBMC restart or quit when you press LT+RT+back+start like back in the day?
is it possible to use the wireless 360 controller with this program; if so how? I cant get xbcd to recognize the wireless controller

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XBCD Controller (Xbox 360 controller) in XBMC Without Key Emulation2
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