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All with Sialivi
Very good job!!! Sorry I haven't been online here lately, life has been crazy busy with the holidays. I'm finally getting a wireless card for my HTPC so I'll be able to further test Horizonz lol.
R111 Wrote:i was making a joke.. Huh

i know dude... ur not one of the malicious dudes... i kinda know who they are already... hehehe

sialivi Wrote:Hate to be a downer, but personally I'm very tired of apple style brushed metal. I much prefer subtle gradients over overly elaborate textures, so for me these concepts are a bit of a step backwards from the current style which I'm a big fan of.

that is a downer... well... its never been done on xbmc before, and its just a skit, its not the actual skin, so who knows what the final draft will look like... but i totally don't agree with the metal look being more boring than the overused pro-look of xbmc skins these days... well, thats just because i haven't used apple or any apple progs for thousands of years now i guess... guess when ur tired of pro looks, u can return to the metal look and grab whichever volume is out then... hehehe

Livin Wrote:I would have at least posted somthing positive as my first post... then maybe made this the 2nd Wink

hopefully you realize that about everything has already been done 100,000x over... all the range of effects: metal, glass, black&white, and many, many more.

the point is to make it the style that the skinner and/or users enjoy, no matter what it is.

If you think you can do better please do... this is exactly how many of the skinners and graphic designers started.

but in all... your post was pretty useless from a feedback perspective.

there we go man... someone is standing by me... this is extra special... wait a sec... i'll get a camera... take a picture... savour this moment... hehehe... thanks for getting that part man... i'm a newbee on the graphics design thing and having done this with only about 6 months under my belt and no training, i think its pretty good... so thanks for those comments... makes sense to me... and gladly, to someone else as well...
sialivi Wrote:In fact I do realize that, that what pretty much the point of what I said: Brushed metal has been done to death, particularly by Apple, so I'm pretty tired of it. Subtle gradients has also been done to death, but still I prefer it since they generally create a cleaner look that doesn't age as quickly.

I don't think I can do better, I'm sorry I didn't realize you have to be a graphic designer to provide feedback Rolleyes

Oh well, I explained what I do like (the current design and subtle gradients) and what I don't like (brushed metal), if that feedback is worthless to him, then I'm sure he will disregard it.

Just because I'm new to the forum doesn't mean I'm going to be a sycophant just for the sake of not stepping one anyones toes, and it's not even your toes so just maybe you should leave it up to xb2iris to determine what feedback is useful and what is not.

this feedback... in which people are having a quarrel in my forum is very useful dude... i have a hell of a hangover, so the entertainment suits me just fine... please, keep going... the subtle gradients in temper i have to agree are pretty cool... have no idea how to fit the metal brushed thingy into this conversation and make sense right now... but yeah, thanks for the input dude... everything is helpful... i'll try brushed plastic instead... coz i don't think anyones tried that yet!

six_storm Wrote:Very good job!!! Sorry I haven't been online here lately, life has been crazy busy with the holidays. I'm finally getting a wireless card for my HTPC so I'll be able to further test Horizonz lol.

cool man... thanks for the popin... dam, that htpc is gonna rule dude!
you do an amazing job & more impressive considering you just started 6 mo ago w/ no formal training.

I give a lot of feedback, I'm just that way since I feel I have a knack for UIs look'n'feel and usability, but ultimately it is what you want it to look like, it is your skin.

I've used Horizonz exclusively since 2 versions ago and don't expect to make a change...

Also, I know DJH was upset about the Meedios skin called Chrome but I think that skinner has done a few cool things with the layout on a few screens... very user friendly and eye pleasing... here's the ones I suggest adopting:

Episode List


Movie description

Play List

Now Playing - maybe add some more album info, but it is a nice layout

Movie List - maybe combine these two, leave out the movie description and just keep title, watched, rating, year, star rating, runtime, etc. Could even possibly get 3 columns, not sure.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
crn removed enough from Chrome to satisfy my anxieties over it, but that said it'd be sad if Horizonz copied the Aeon-esque stuff that remains. I know the colour schemes and basic layouts are hardly unique but the inspiration's still there, and you'd effectively be reducing the "gene pool" by converging on the one style. The same goes for the frames.

I'm not trying to piss on anyone's parade - just thinking of the outward growth of XBMC design. I remember when every XBMC skin was just a different flavour of Project Mayhem. Now they can be anything from Aeon to Media Stream to xTV. Even Horizonz is starting to beat its own path. So let's embrace that, eh?
The shots of Chrome I posted, that I'd like to see in Horizonz, I have not seen layouts anywhere else... I have no secret insight into Stark so if they are the same I have no clue.

I'm sure you realize that great works often inspire great copies and adaptations... this is life, without this we'd still be using stone tools, eating raw meat, and wearing no clothing... not an exaggeration, just scientific & historical fact.

Instead of taking offense, even if the offender did not ask permission or give credit - as they should, take it as "Imitation is the highest form of flattery" ... which it is.

Not to beat this too much but if it were not for "copies" of the original PM skin from years ago the skinning engine would still be immature since plagiarizers and moders (like myself) asked for many of the major enhancements that are now in the engine.

Can we all move past this once an for all even if 1000x other copies come out... just do what you do best, make skins so amazing that everyone wants to use them and copy them!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
You make a good point, Livin, and I probably am being too precious about certain things. I could also have done worse than be a bit more specific in that last post, as I was only really talking about the anchored black panel stuff. The white-over-fanart stuff from Chrome, on the other hand, is actually what I meant when I said that crn is clearly a talented guy - they're very nice indeed. I would say, though, that in light of recent events, it'd be very good idea to clear any copies with him before they're done. I believe he's quite up for someone porting Chrome, though correct me if I'm wrong.
bad topic sorry
Very nice art style and design, but like some said in the first page, it is a bit busy. I would remove the outline around the selected option. You have a border around an item when selecting it (like watch your movies) I would remove the boarder and just leave it simple.

Great job and keep up the good work.
Last time i released concepts in here, there was a mixed reaction, but it was leaning more in the direction of not cool than cool... kinda think a few of u are a bit too conformist... the weirdo's and strange people loved it... hmmm... i take back that comment...

Nyways, after the feedback for the last set of concepts, I've been busy working my butt off, but i've luckily run into some free time for a short while and i pile my mind into some concept art for now...

nyways, from ur suggestions... a lot of u prefer the glass look of horizonz of old and so, with that in mind, i will change my last concepts to look more slick and professional (how boring does that sound)... no one liked the new home focus label idea... so i guess ill take it out and save myself extra coding... it'll look good, so i hope u guys don't attack this idea as much as the last, because i don't want to go back to the drawing board again after these concepts come out!?!?!?
I have to agree mate. The new concepts felt more Vauxhall Vectra than Audi R8 Wink

Horizonz has been the best of late because its so smooth and sleek, best to stay in that area!
you're welcome to send some screens or a beta skin my way, you know I will always give you a 100% fair assessment, and I'll be nice about it.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
xb2iris Wrote:it'll look good, so i hope u guys don't attack this idea as much as the last, because i don't want to go back to the drawing board again after these concepts come out!?!?!?

The downside of taking over a skin that was started by someone else and that already had a following as large as Aeon is that it's not fully your project as much as it almost belongs to the community. Most users are going to want something that stays in line with the original idea of a skin...not the deviations you were proposing.

To be honest...this is why I lost a lot of interest in Horizonz. I know it's your project now, but the whole reason I started using it was because of the "boring" simplicity of it. I don't require more flash-bang graphics, weird angles, or shiny brushed-metal textures. Simple and sexy was just fine for me.

But, it is your mod, and I'm not trying to dissuade you from doing your thing. Just offering my two cents on the matter...
I think they best thing to do is that if you want to go in a direction away from Horizonz IV then it needs to be called something else, a new skin.

If its called Horizonz 5 it needs to be an evolution of IV not a revolution Smile
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