Horizonz: Future Concept Art
Hey XB2Iris...

Can you take a look at the File mode / showcase with the latest SVN's?
After a while it shows an overlay which is empty.

I think it's a bug which stayed unnoticed because most use the Library view... In Library-mode this information is there....
I don't have enough experience to repair this myself.

I did change the delay to 8 seconds which is more appropriate because it already takes 2 seconds to display the fanart....

I also put in a bit of transparency... (80% opaque) on showcasefilter2.png and showcasefilter4.png. Maybe a little bit higher is better (less transparency)
This will show you more of the fanart. With some backdrops it's quite annoying that a certain part is completely invisible.
The episodehighlight.png became some transparency as well in my own mod.
It'll be fixed before next release if XB2Iris and I ever get around to trading files.. I fixed it up when you first mentioned it, but there's still a bit more that needs to be fixed.. I've been using library all this time and just recently realized how screwed file mode is..
There's also something strange with the TV-episodes...
lets see them screens lol
xb2iris Wrote:so i guess ill take it out and save myself extra coding... it'll look good, so i hope u guys don't attack this idea as much as the last, because i don't want to go back to the drawing board again after these concepts come out!?!?!?

Professional is they type of style that can be used for a long time without people getting sick of it, or finding hard to use...

Most people would prefer a professional looking skin because they can use it for a long time - at the moment, I'm still using Aeon most of the time, because the design doesn't date

If you want to have a skin that will be regarded as a 'classic', then you want one where the design will stand the test of time
xb2iris - I really like the screens, can't wait for V to be released!

Quick question: can you tell me where the backdrop in the screenshot below is from?

Any ETA for version 5 ?
gummismurfen Wrote:Any ETA for version 5 ?

We'd better first ask him if he has spare time at the moment...
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