[RELEASE] Google Code Plugin - plugin downloads from google code users pages directly
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Hi All,

Sorry if this now seems a little redundant, what with Voinage's one plugin to rule them all.

As more + more people are hosting on Poogle code I thought it might be useful to have a way to get those plugins into the xbmc in a simple + consistent way. To facilitate this I made this plugin that looks at a few users who have xbmc content, I basically did a quick search on the forum and added all the users I could see. I will try and update this list or better still find a wiki way of updating + reading it.

When you run the plugin it lists the users from the users.dat file in the resources folder under the main plugin directory. For each user you can then list the plugins/scripts they have available + then install them. The plugin takes you through installing, asking the type of download and for plugins the type of plugin. When you have gone through the prompts it copies the file to the appropriate location.

There are a couple of settings you can use, having the description of the file rather than the name and only showing featured items. These are set in the usual way from the plugin settings item on the menu.

There is also a script that is associated with the plugin called GoogleChecker that simply counts the number of new files for each user since it was last run. It uses the same user list if it is available so if you make a change to that one it will check any new users.

I was a bit dense creating these scripts and didn't notice you can get a feed with all the useful data about the googlecode downloads so the check only sees the updates on or after today so you will keep seeing that there are updates every check of the day not just the first. I will look into fixing this but I thought I would try + get something out the door.

Anyway I hope this is useful to some people, it might just turn into a vanity project for letting people know that I have a new script or plugin coming out but hopefully it should pick up changes to Voinage's Unified plugin. Although that is so masterfully complex that it probably does it itself.

Plugin: http://sico99xbmcstuff.googlecode.com/fi...ode1.1.zip
Checking Script: http://sico99xbmcstuff.googlecode.com/fi...hecker.zip

Apologies for posting this twice in two sections, I really only meant to place it here but suddenly realized I was in creators corner.
Well done this is cool, wish you would have released it yesterday i would have ask to steal your code rather making new update code for VPR and got a few more hours sleep.

Get the new unified plugin , if you have a lord of the rings version it`s a TEST copy and I told everybody not to download that-It`s changed totally.
why do sum of the "users" sometimes not work?
This plugin is awesome, but I'm having some issues with it. I can get everyone's plugins to show up except for Exiledx (it says 5 of 7 and then goes back to the list of names), Sicco99 (it just says retrieved 0 and goes back to list), and Stacked stops at 3 of 7 and returns.
I opened up the users.dat file and the urls are correct. According to my debugging log, the errors are in 197, in ?
in line 50, in getItems
and line 76, in convertDate
return datetime.date(datetime.date.today().year,shortMonths.index(bits[0]),int(bits[1])).strftime("%Y%d%m")

With the working names, it just says:
Name: None

I've tried running the Google Code plugin as a Video plugin and as a Program Plugin and got the same results.
I used the latest version 1.1 on my Xbox with the 12-30-2008 T3ch build.
Thanks for your work!

Less and less of the "users" seem to be accessible, what a strange little bug. Any chance you could fix this?
Sorry to take so long to come back on the problems, I think the issue was to do with the date and should now be working. The new version is at :


Glad you guys are liking it, let me know if you have any more issues, all users seemed to work on my XBOX and Windows installs but I have probably made more mistakes somewhere.

Again my apologies.
I see from the log that the plugin is running from your script folder. I would guess that this is the problem, if you move it to C:\Program Files\XBMC\plugins\Programs and run it by going into the programs section within XBMC then hopefully it should work for you.

Not all skins show the program section so you could put it in another plugin folder like video. It should still work from there, it does for me. Otherwise you can add it to favourites by editing favourites.xml as in the SVN post.

Let me know if that is not the problem.
I was messing around with this plugin again and tried to add nixa's plugins to it by putting this into the users.dat file:
nixa, http://code.google.com/p/sparetime/downloads/list

However, it would just give me this error and then freeze my xbox:

File "Q:\plugins\video\GoogleCode\default.py", line 197, in ?
NOTICE: getUsers()
NOTICE: File "Q:\plugins\video\GoogleCode\default.py", line 17, in getUsers
NOTICE: addUser(userInfo[0],userInfo[1])
NOTICE: IndexError
NOTICE: list index out of range
ERROR: Scriptresult: Error

I also tried to just change the url from one of the working users like xbmc-favorites but it gave the same error. How do you add users to this list without borking it?

Thanks. Here's the full log if necessary.
When posting about a problem please submit a debug log to give you the best chance at getting an answer. It's easy, painless, and helps provide necessary information.
Anyone else having problems? It shows each project, but won't list any of the subdirectories. Thanks.
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