Gamepad and POV?

I've bought a Mad Catz USB wireless gamepad (looks much like the Xbox gamepad). I would like to set it up with XBMC, and this is what I've tried:

1) Enabled debug logging (<loglevel> set to 1) in advancedsettings.xml.
2) Found the name of the controller in the XBMC log file and added it to Keymap.xml <altname> for joystick "Microsoft Xbox Controller S".
3) By watching the log file, I wrote down which buttons mapped to which button ids.
4) Added one axis id="0" (and upwards) at a time to Keymap.xml and mapped them to event Up/Down, to check which analogue axis where mapped to which axis ids.

So, I got all data I need except for one thing: the DPAD. It does not generate any events in the log file, and when I look at it in Windows Game Controllers I see it is registered at the POV-controller (Point of View).

Does XBMC not support the POV-events generated by controllers? Or is it (wrongly?) detected as an axis (my first axis have axis id 1)? If I set the Up-event on axis id 0 it scrolls all the time without me pressing any buttons on the gamepad.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
I had the exact same problem with a MadCatz xbox controller using a usb adapter.

The best controller config using the tiger drivers set the dpad as a hat (pov) control. The pov input do not seemed to be detected.

Workaround I just found was to install a little program called 'JoystickCursor' ( and configured it to translate dpad to keyboard input left/right/up/down.

Not ideal, but works.
Well, I used EventGhost with the XBMC-plugin. It allowed me to use the joystick instead of the dpad.

I also found that Generic HID in EventGhost correctly detects the dpad, but it would need some plugin developed to handle it nicely.
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