[REQUEST] CTV/TSN/Comedy Network Plugin?
First off, thanks to all of you who have been developing scripts. Especially voinage, whose tutorials I have been faithfully following (I'd been meaning to learn python for years, I'm glad I finally have a reason to do so).

I've been looking for a plugin that will allow me to access the CTV media in Canada (http://watch.ctv.ca/), especially the stuff located on the partner sites like TSN (watch.tsn.ca) and the Comedy Network (watch.thecomedynetwork.ca). So far, I have a successful scrape going of episode lists based on voinage's tutorial and borrowing ideas from other plugins, but I can't get the video files and I think I might be in over my head doing this as my first try.

Does anyone know of a plugin that already works here? (I can't imagine that I'm the only one in Canada who wants to watch the Daily Show or live hockey). Or can someone give me a hand to find the video files? I can send what I have so far.

Thanks a lot.
Try this: -

http://watch.ctv.ca/#clip123958 = leona lewis clip id =123985

http://esi.ctv.ca/datafeed/flv/urlgenjs.aspx?vid= put clip id here



Good luck.

Will not work for anyone outside usa & canada without proxy.
Thanks for looking into that. I now have a problem and I'm not sure if it's related to my plugin, my xbmc install or the source site.

If I can bother you for a little more help

I have noticed that there are 3 types of links provided:
This is mostly old content (http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/south-p...gain-4000/)
I can successfully play the provided file in VLC ( mms://a1846.v45885.c45885.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/1846/45885/v0001/ctvakamai2.insinc.com/wm/_!/comedy/SPAR/COME-SPAR-102-EP.clip03-video.wmv?auth=dbEcmb5bjcNa9awbdbda4c2braqcrc4dycR-bjwoYj-eS-iYG-N3b2wnMAoc)
however, in XBMC, nothing displays and the player appears to freeze for approximately the duration of the clip.

This is mostly for for clips of episodes and sports highlights. http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-news-and-highlig...clip124379
When I try to play one in VLC, it tells me it can't connect (rtmp://cp45879.edgefcs.net/ondemand/tsn2/news/2008/12/04/chiu120408.flv)
When I play these in XBMC, I get one of 2 reactions: Either it freezes the app, or it adds it to the queue and does nothing with it.

This is generally for full episodes http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/the-dai...clip119670
They won't do anything in VLC (presumably because VLC doesn't claim to speak rtmpe). If I try to connect rtmp to the same address I get nothing. rtmpe://cp45907.edgefcs.net/ondemand/secure_!comedy/TheDailyShow/COME-DSHO-13160-EP.clip04.flv?auth=dbEaAaqaNd0dkafbDctcJdiaEdEdxdYdpaZ-bjwpxS-eS-iYG-uuK1woFDn&aifp=v001&slist=/secure_!comedy/TheDailyShow/

XBMC just adds these to the queue and does nothing with them.

If you have any thoughts I'd really appreciate them. If you want me to PM you, send you my code or piss off and solve it myself, let me know.

I`ll have a look at the rtmp auth but you may want to try changing the shape of the rtmp url.


The rtmpe is an encrypted protocol so the streams are DRM`d - it`s a no go for the episodes brother.
Thanks for your help. I'll give it a go.
Any more luck with this?
This is defintely something I would *love* to have on my xbmc / appletv.
From the first post I understand is if there's some step by step process i can follow to kind of hack this in? Please advise.

Sorry, I ran out of time to keep working on this after the holidays ended, and I gave up after the comment that the rtmpe streams wouldn't work anyway since that's where all the good content is right now.

If you want, I can comment up my code and send it to you to see if you can make it work better than I did.
Any updates on this at all? Sad I love watch.ctv.ca
TSN.ca would kick ass :]
I think the streams are DRM'd so you cannot create a plugin from the CTV site
Boxee seems to have it going.

Please, please, Canadians are screaming for content!

Voinage, how come rtmp is working in the other large rtmp post, but here you say they are encrypted and can't be accessed?

Has anyone had any luck with CBC - Live Streaming for hockey games?

It appears the watch.ctv.ca files are using Adobe Flash Player. Does the XBMC not play Flash videos? If so, does the Adobe Flash player handle the DRM or is it another layer before the Flash Player?

JCloth - can you post what you had so far which allowed you to navigate through the available files, just would not play due to DRM?
+1 to a CTV.ca plugin!

Now I thought that most of the new content (tv series and such) is streamed using a silverlight based media player. I was wondering if it would be possible to have support for this type of streams via moonlight (multiplatform mono-based version of M$ silverlight).

Since xbmc supports flash streams with no problems, silverlight streams would be a nice addition. Also m$ gives all their codecs for free to moonlight users, so we could even have access to drm'd content in our xbmc htpc.... not only for silverlight but for wmv streams in general...
as far as I can tell, videos at ctv.ca are flash 10... any of you guys saw a now-flash video?

if you right click on the video window, while its playing, you'll see the flash menu coming up! Smile
as boxee seem to have it up and running. is there any way we can just port the boxee plugin/script to XBMC?

The partner just accused me of being against canada! Im from the UK and i have the BBC iplayer plugin running, therefore she wants a canadian equivalent.

Save me from the doghouse! lol
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