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Intel ATOM 330 Dual-Core CPU experience with XBMC for Linux - perfect 720p playback
menno Wrote:I run the Intel board ATOM 330, with a 256 MB Sparkle Geforece 8400
and it runs 1080p perfectly with a 5-10% cpu use.

The only negative thing about the board is u need an add on card to make use of digital sound output (Toslink/Spdif...)

I haven tried an add on card though. Maybe some one can comment on that.

If you are running the D945GCLF2 (and possibly the D945GCLF2D), it does include
a S/PDIF out header on the motherboard. You can search eBay for the proper
cable/adapter/jacks (search "Intel SPDIF"). Or, if you do not need optical out and can
can live with coax, you can do what I did and just wire up the header to an RCA jack
and plug that into your receiver (look at the manual for the appropriate pin-outs).
or here the DIY version:
I am currently using latest XBMC build with Confluence and it works fine.
The normal XBMC log IS NOT a debug log, to enable debug logging you must toggle it on under XBMC Settings - System or in advancedsettings.xml. Use XBMC Debug Log Addon to retrieve it.
Are you still running XBMC on this setup, or have anything changed since you first posted your setup ?
Ubuntu version, XBMC, Hardware etc.

The reason that I ask, is because I just got a leftover test Intel Atom 330, and I was wondering if it would be worth transforming it into something useful.

I am running the Openelec build of XBMC on an atom 230, and it is pretty much flawless at 1080p.

There are a lot of people here running the Atom 330.. and I don't recall hearing any complaints.

Intel ATOM 330 Dual-Core CPU experience with XBMC for Linux - perfect 720p playback00