Projector pixel alignment compensation
If anybody else was using this patch the functionality has been changed, follow the trac ticket to keep up:
I bring back this old thread because I am also interested in this feature.
From what I can read, it was not integrated into kodi back then?

I managed to run a GLSL shader in a Gnome extension to shift pixels on all desktop applications, but it does not work on fullscreen kodi (only in windowed mode).
So I was thinking that I should try to insert it directly into kodi, as it would also benefit other systems as well. But I have no idea where to start looking in kodi code.

Ideally, it should be applied on top of anything displayed on screen (video, gui, ...), but if I can have it working at least for video playback, that would be a nice first step.
And if GLSL is not the appropriate solution, any hint on what could be used would be highly appreciated!

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