changing skins....
i am new to this so if someone could point me in the right direction (or a sample Laugh)

if i want to replace one option on the main menu for a script how can i do itHuh

"Scripts" - With "Youtube" - and open YouTube3 script...
If you want a walkthrough (and I can't guarantee you'd get one) you'd at least need to let people know what skin you're trying to mod here. I'd suggest taking a look at the wiki for help on skinning, in particular look for the button controls section, and the list of built-in functions.

EDIT: i just noticed you're trying to replace a menu item not add one, which is a bit simpler and more universal....Should be able to replace the <label> tag contents wtih YouTube and the <onclick> tag contents with something like XBMC.RunScript(Q:/scripts/YouTube3/ I'd still suggest taking a look at the wiki though, as this is basic stuff you should be able to figure out on your own.
thanks it worked Wink

now if it where possible i would like to make 2 more changes...

i want to remove the ".." icon in the series title page (series main page)
i want to remove the ".." icon in the movie title page (movies main page)

thanks Wink
those are called parent folder items.

get yourself seated with 1000l cola.
now plunge into settings. if you survive / have enough cola, you should hopefully be successfull at locating the 'hide parent folder items' setting in there Wink
i am not at my computer now but will it keep in the series episodes screen the ".."

thanks i will try it tonight....

it was hard but i found it...

in my language file the name is a little bit strange (changed to English and found it).....

now if it where possible i would like to make 1 more change...
i want to add the ".." icon in the series episode page Wink

edit: ok i got it....
i had "XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyVideoLibrary,tvshowtitles,return)" and changed it to "XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyVideoLibrary,tvshowtitles)" and that way i dont need the ".."

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