Navi-X Media Browser Script for XBMC (The Navi-X Official Support Thread)

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iRoNBiLL Wrote:With this issue atrac, I would ask this in XBMC forums, because Navi-X is simply a directory listing of links... using Navi-X would be the same as if you went to your audio sources and had a browse button setup to scan the internet. The real question to ask would be "Why does my Xbox freeze when my screensaver turns on while streaming audio?"

A test that can confirm whether the issue has to do with Navi-X or not would be to manually add the source to the ShoutCast radio channel to your "Audio Sources" then start the audio and let the screensaver run. Also make sure you duplicate the same environment by downloading something big simultaneously on a computer connected to your LAN.

If the same error occurs, the issue is with your XBMC...
If the error doesn't occur, the issue is with your Navi-X...

I was unable to replicate the problem you're having so I can't give you a more definitive answer until you try this test. Then we'll know where the culprit is and the next step would be to try a "fresh install" of the suspected app, either XBMC or Navi-X. Thanks.


Hi iRoNBiLL,

Thanks for the troubleshooting tip! I hadn't thought of trying that!

So I followed your suggestion and manually created the stream files and ran them outside of Navi-X. I ran them while downloading (heavy traffic) and the screensaver came on and did not crash my xbox. I made sure to run Navi-X again and try it with the same traffic and the system still freezes right when the screen saver comes on (actually there is still audio for a minute or two with the frozen screen, then it all dies and I have to hard reboot).

I do note that there is a new June 1st build that fixes the RTMP problem so let me try that now before we proceed.

*EDIT* Just updated to XBMC-9.04.1-FIXED-BABYLON-T3CH and the problem persists. I did update to Navi-X 2.8 (can't seem to get the auto update to 2.8.1 to occur though).

At any rate, I didn't realize that Shoutcast was built-in to XBMC by adding it as a music source. So rather than try to troubleshoot this (as I seem to be the only one having this problem), I think I'll just use Shoutcast that way -- as it also doesn't crash my xbox when the screensaver comes on.

Thanks though for your effort! Wink
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Navi-X discussions should be redirected to the proper forums. The people who can get you help will be more likely to see & will be able to better respond to your issues if you go directly to them.

I think is the correct place to go. If it is not, please try to contact me via IRC.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please read how to submit a proper bug report.

If you're interested in writing addons for xbmc, read docs and how-to for plugins and scripts |||
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Just wanted to say thanks to anyone that helps with this.... Probably not the right thread, but Thanks!!!!
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navi-x should die a horrible death. ironbill has made it clear just what kind of people it attracts. stay away!
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Glad that you like it.there are a couple people working on navi-X.
And i will say thank you in behalf of them

thanks for your honesty i have a feeling more people think like that
cause of previous incidents.BiLL will not be replying here any more for Navi-X.Cause this only will create bad blood.Actually my experience with him is that I can work very well with him like all of the people doing stuff for navi-X.But unfortunately things got out of hand on the xbmc/forum and this would probably better like this.
From my knowledge rodejo(which makes the plugin/script) will open probably a topic for Help and Support on Navi-X.
I hope also people that working on Navi-Xwill not be judge on incident in the past which they had nothing to do with.And I hope people on xbmc/forum in the future will think more positive of navi-X.
And have fruitful relationship that will benefit all of us.

The reason why I make this topic cause i see script /plugin makers don't work a lot together.And in my opinion if people will work more together the result will become better.I talked to tuner3d(he maked most of real time site scrapers) and rodejo(make the script and plugin )and they are willing to do this but people will probably hesitate to think of working on together cause of bad reputation or not used to work together.I like to say to those people if you consider working together to just give it a change and see what it is all about if you don't like it you can always do your own stuff.
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Yesterday Navi-X 2.9 has been released which incudes some important updates for XBMC 9.04. It now works with the latest script/plugin API changes in XBMC.

Thank you Tikkiew for the comments in this thread. I like to add that there are more than 1000 people developing playlists for Navi-X. It is difficult to avoid that these accidents happen. I will keep doing my best helping to avoid them.
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