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'Kiosk/party/jukebox mode' skin? Suggestions?
Hello there!

I've been using and loving XBMC for about 4 years now as my main media player on my Xbox console at home, so guess what I suggested when the music venue where I work was looking for media servers/players for use in our different venues??!

Basically, we'd like to be able to put an Xbox in each venue, each being served media by a single central computer. However, we're wondering which skin to use, as we're looking for something very easy for people to use, but we'd like to be able to lock down the functionality of each console to just a few basic operations.

For instance, we've bought a huge amount of music which we'd like to rip to the system, and then we'd like to be able to put the system into some sort of 'kiosk mode' or 'party mode' whereby users can't access the system settings or browse all of the folders on the machine or launch any programs, but just see all the available albums/music/videos on our server and play them or add them to a playlist.

Is there a skin/theme which allows this, or if not, is there an easy way to take out menus/functions we don't want users to access whilst in this 'party mode'? Finally, is XBMC the best program for doing this kind of thing, or are there better Xbox-compatible solutions out there?

Thanks in advance for your comments! Smile

'Kiosk/party/jukebox mode' skin? Suggestions?00