[REQUEST] Sublight Subtitles Plugin, anyone interested in developing this?

I am developer of Sublight, windows client application for auto subtitle search and download (http://www.subtitles-on.net/GetSublight.aspx).

I also developed Sublight server and designed its database which can be accessed by web service (http://www.subtitles-on.net/SubtitlesAPI2.asmx).

If you are interested you can use this service from XBMC. I also published sample C++ project which demonstrates how to call our web service in C++ (http://www.subtitles-on.net/GetSublight.aspx#cpp). Of course any other programming language can be used.

This was quick intro. If you are interested or have any questions please ask. You can also suggest new features.

I was literally just looking at subtitle sites to scrape, so this is awesome. Thanks for the permission and info, I'll hopefully get started on it early next week and will let you know if I have any questions.
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Great timing Big Grin

BTW, our API allows search by title and hash (subtitles which were linked with movies by Sublight users - I call this "linked subtitles"). Linked subtitles should be of course synchronized with movie (unless some user linked subtitle with wrong movie - users then report such "subtitle links" and administrator deletes it using Sublight administrative module).
Wouldn't this be a issue as in it would only be good for dvdr rips or up to date scene releases.Also,aren't some subtitles released to only work for that individual release?Just seems like to me this would be one of them things hard to keep up to date and a pain in the arse to match with the correct subtitle file.If I am wrong please correct me.
If you do your own DVD rip then search by hash would return no results. In this case search by filename should be used.

If DVD rip is well known then search by hash can return 100% synhronized subtitles (if link exists). Of course search by filename can also be used but it does not guarantee you that subtitle is synchronized with movie (you must download and check it).

All movies which were created from same source will be synchronized with same subtitle (regardless of codec being used).
Hm, this would be perfect for direct integration into xbmc to be honest. When scanning files compute the hash and put that into the library and then let the user have a "search for subtitle" button in the info screen that then looks for subs. Would be really cool.
Creating a plugin will be fairly easy I guess. I wish I had the time to write (and maintain it). Great job! I'll be using your app regularly. I was using Subdownloader2, but since teh windows version isn't free anymore....

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Thank you.

I will give detailed technical support when someone starts writing this plugin (how to calculate hash, API help, ...).
friendly bump.
this would be awsome.

to bad i have no clue about python :<
Yes consider this a bump here as well :-) Guys, this would be an AWESOME integration. I'm kind of worried about the notion of video hash-creation times on the humble xbox, but still...
Bumpelybump from we as well. A working subtitle auto-downloader/scraper would be an awesome addition.
Good news: Sublight server is even more powerful. New version has option to remove subtitle formatting on the fly (because some players render <i>...</i> instead of italic text).
Bad news: xbmc plugin developers did not yet contact me ;(
Your app is really a delight. It works very well in every aspect. Thank you very much!
I wish I could help with sub downloading integration in XBMC. I don't have the time. A script or plugin would be nice but integrating it XBMC itself would be perfect.

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Nice project you got there - I see rwparris already shown his interest, but I might be as well.

Can you please post some documentation on how the videoHash is calculated, thanks.

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[REQUEST] Sublight Subtitles Plugin, anyone interested in developing this?0
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