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Arcanthur Offline
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Some new screens, refined the top nav bar for interior sections and created a new view, infopanel, which is admittedly a derivative of aeon's multiplex, but hey, its a nice concept so I went with my take on it. Big Grin

[Image: infopanel.jpg]

Created icons for each menu item Big Grin

[Image: mediaselect.jpg]

[Image: libraryselect.jpg]

[Image: viewselect.jpg]
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digitalhigh Offline
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Yeah baby...I call it Serenity Basil. Wink
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zeltak Offline
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Hi Guys

The screens keep getting better and better...if i may suggest/request a thing that i think would benefit a lot of users. If the default font could support unicode it would be awesome

keep up the great work guys

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logictester Offline
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damn, those look good Smile, i'd love to see those with hebrew fonts Wink
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