3 questions about the MediaStream theme
1. There is the option to use the DEFAULT or LITE theme. I can t seem to figure out what the difference is between those two.

2. In the list mode there is some kind of little blue circle with another smaller circle at the right-middle placed in a poster. What is this and can this be removed?

3. when running the Media Preview option in the Library mode, it is almost perfect. Exept for the Main Directory that is still showed. I put ON the Option Hide Thumb but the main directory of my movies folder is still be 'showed' as an empty place with two dots. Is there a way to get rid of this and only show ONLY my movies that are stored? This would be great because all my movies are stored in one folder on my HD.

More quaetions will come up I think Wink
1. That is a compliment, lite uses less memory (for xbox).
2. Watched / unwatched.
3. System / settings / appearance viewoptions / hide parent folder items
1. "Lite" is less taxing on the Xbox and is what it is meant to be used for.

2. That is the watched/unwatched status of the movie/tv show

3. Settings/Appearance/View Options/ and check "Hide Parent Folder Items"

These are all pretty easy answers to find. Don't be afraid to use that search button Wink
Looks like Waffa beat me to it Smile
thanks guys! Now everything works as I want!
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3 questions about the MediaStream theme00