Plugin/Script Request: MSN Video, FINNISH version.
Hi there, Again.
It seems that the Giant has released Beta version of Video library.. There are tons of stuff, also for us Finns. Same drill, I ask some one a lot more intellect to write the python, I'll just deliever some sort of BreakDown. Smile

MSN Video PlugIN, Finnish version. (mkt=en-us will be the En-US version of content)

This is the First version where the Channels are FIXed, and not scanned. The HTML is terrible.

Break down

BaseURL is like s1228478381410

1. Create a blank Page where the Channel List is. No web yet. The value is for the Channels content load after user interaction.

1. "MSN Video" = s1228478381410
1.1 "MSN Video - Katsotuimmat - Viimeisen tunnin ajalta" = m1229421672754
1.2 "MSN Video - Katsotuimmat - Tänään" = m1229421672746
1.3 "MSN Video - Katsotuimmat - Tällä viikolla" = m1229421672748
1.4 "MSN Video - Katsotuimmat - Tässä kuussa" = m1229421672750
3 " "Musiikki" = s1228208750411
4. "Viihde" = s1229417790598
5. "Arjen Vinkkejä" = s1229601027753
6. "Soapbox" = s1228476395445 (This is HUGE! 39779 videos and MORE!, Chinese chars also!)

2. When User Selects one of the Channels, system loads the HTML like (for Music channel)

3. Search the HTML for text "<a href="video.aspx?mkt=fi-fi&vid=". Extract the large Text-reference after that until " markings, like 6bd60c83-bae3-405c-afac-7d9ed1d2cc2d. This is the Video/Thumb ID!
4. After the ID exraction, the Textual info follows. Extract all chars from the VideoID end to "</a></h2>". There you'll have the Text for the Video.
5. Show the Thumb. The JPG's url is "". UUID avalue is same as the video ID 6bd60c83-bae3-405c-afac-7d9ed1d2cc2d.

There are also page numbers, but I'll get to them later on, when I have craked the video link and some one show any intrest to this one. Smile

This Breakbown is probably full of Errors, and faults but I think it'll give some pointers. Microsoft's HTML is pure Shit.
The Actual Video URL is still under investigation. i'll have to Snoop the network first to get the wmv/flv or what ever they are using..
Excellent work. I am personally interested in watching The Guild. Current season is being shown through MSN video.
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Plugin/Script Request: MSN Video, FINNISH version.00