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Frame Creation "Challenge"
Hey dudes, thanks for the help... especially on the dialogs... will grab it and add it to the mix... as for the frames, their looking cool as shit... and definately thinking of similar ideas for volume v, coz that ones gonna look really different!!!!
@xb2iris - dude, you are too kewl! Most people would feel a little toes stepped on but it just seems like you check the ego at the door and just shoot for what is best for Horizonz. It's why I religiously come here several times a day. You just never see the nastiness you see on other threads...just goodness.

@Rocky - I'm really diggin' the new darker frame. Can't wait to try it!
took a look at the "new" frame with the dimple in the lower left corner .. not that convinced by it .. but i feel i need to see it on my screen to make a better decision about it

however i might have a proposition that might be a better idea and would use both your frameset's

what if we ditch the whole little thing in the lower corner since it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb when everything else about the skin and frame's now are very slick and instead have the "white" frame's for movies that are watched and the "black" frames for non-watched (or vice-versa doesn't really matter)
OK i have finished my frames i started a new thread for them though so you can get them here.

Frame Creation "Challenge"00