Stream to PS3
How do I stream this to my ps3?

I downloaded the windows version, added my movies and went into network settings. I enabled pretty much everything including Upnp.
I went to my ps3 then did a search for media servers. I did not find it. Please help!
I read about this on (

they said it would it would work on the ps3. If it cant just tell me so I can let this go. Do I need to somehow install the live version on the ps3
Have you added your videos to the library?
odd....I turned on XBMC on my pc (windowed) and windows fire wall came up this time. I told it to unblock.

Hoping this was the break I was waiting for I turned on my ps3 and searched for media server. It found it! my disappointment though it has the same interface as TVersity (the ps3 directory drill down one)

I hoped it would work like this : click the XBMC on my ps3 and everything would look like the XBMC GUI/Skin and clicking exit would put me back in the ps3's menu. Is there a way to do that?

PS does the xbmc and TVersity play nice when both installed on the same pc?
the directory structure you see in the PS3 will be the same whether you use Tversity, Windows Media player, or any other media sharing device. Thats due to the XMB menu structure. all the media streaming servers do is send a info file about what content it has, and leaves it up to the client (in this case the PS3) on how it wants to sort it.

what you are asking for is probably easiest done as a Web front-end made for the PS3, which they dont have. (see Youtube TV for a example of what i mean)

the other bother with a PS3 is that the Video codec support is very limited, so you would have to either audit your library for compatible files, have a live transcoding process, or convert all the files ahead of time so that they work on the console.

Please understand though, we are actually talking about ALL the consoles, since the 360 would need similar treatment in this matter.
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