Mockup - New Fanart-centric skin in need of a coder
Inspired by the current trend of fanart-based skins. I took some free time and began some quick mockups of what I would love to see in a skin. This skin would be a continuation of my trials to combine the best of Focus and MediaStream. It would feature a centralized menu bar at the top where all menus would spawn from.

I'm not 100 percent sure all of this is doable at the moment - my background in coding is limited to C# and I've yet to delve into the skinning architecture XBMC uses. This is where I'm hoping someone with a bit more knowledge can lend a hand.

As you'll see from the mockups, the menu would be based around a transparent listview that sits above the fanart. Basically the fanart would serve as the main cover view. This would keep the focus on the highlighted movie / tv show / album. The only preview of what is next / previous would be in the form of the title's text.

Now on to the mockups as pictures speak louder than words sometimes...


This is currently an untitled project. I'm throwing it out there to judge interest first. I know I'm new here but would love to give back to the community! If you have any interest in collaborating or have any comments regarding what features you would love to see, drop us a comment.

- A Four13 Designs project
really love this skin. got a sleek and stylish feel to it.

would love to see this in real life.

love how so much of the background is viewable and love the glow round the text.

would right and left cycle through the information. and up and down cycle through the list of films?

also would be interesting to see how music looks like.
That's exactly what I was imagining. Music is a bit harder with tracks and what not. Still working on some mockups for it. I've got some ideas for 'Now playing' info on the home screen and some of the dialogs mocked up as well. I was actually hoping to roll the movie info dialog in with the info bar at the bottom of screen. I'll update as soon as I can.

Thanks a lot for expressing your interest! I'm definitely going to follow this through and can promise we'll be seeing a working version eventually!

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Mockup - New Fanart-centric skin in need of a coder2
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