Mockup - Clean Skin
edit: updated nearly everything, changed alot and added alot. probably alot slicker and eaiser to function that previous. left the old screenshot links at the bottom though.

Just downloaded XBMC and its looking real nice. one thing im looking forward to is the minimeedia skin. It looks really refreshing and im really liking the clean open look of it. Cant wait for the release. Anyway i decided to do a mock up of what i think would be a really interesting skin. Took a little inspiration from minimeedia skin. But since i know nothing about coding ive decided to give you the PSD if anyone wants it to edit and code it themselves. as A) i wont have time and B) i know nothing about coding. You can download both the old version and the new version at the bottom of the post.

Home Screen (With now playing video bar)

Movie Screen

Music Screen

TV Screen

Now Playing Screen

Settings Screen


Quote:These are the old screenshots and PSD download.
Home Screen
Movie View
TV Show View
Old Version PSD:
Very nice! I love how organized the PSD is too!
I might just have to play around with this Smile
Did my own little take on this sexy beast:
XBMCG33K Wrote:Did my own little take on this sexy beast:

hey, thats pretty cool, would love to see both yours and mine make it out of screenshot stage Cool

im really feeling the glow around the movies
My only comment other than its nice would be to move everything to the bottom opposed to the top.
when will this skin be released?
Don't dream your life, live your dream
THX-UltraII Wrote:when will this skin be released?
Erm if you read the thread you will see he say's he wants a coder therfore
it will not be released for the (sadly) foreseeable future
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For what it's worth I have been toying with this skin.
So far my hurdle is getting the images out of the PSD!
If you want to help please PM with a link to the seperate images.
L1SE19 I agree with you man I have no clue where to begin coding so my skin: will probably just be an idea ...
bump lol, wonder if anyone is still interested in coding this.

They can have full rights to it, i would just like to see it working.
First off, sorry I can't code.
But I agree, those mockups really look sexy. I really would like a skin like this. Sleek, good visuals and seems very sorted.... C'mon u coders out there, give this sweet skin mockup a chance Wink
I might give it a shot, just found this, and i don't have photoshop. I won't need it hopefully.
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