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How do I change out of horizonz
Hi I am just experimenting with some of the skins here I have successfully install horizonz.

For the life of me I cannot find now how to get back to the skins menu to try another one, I have been through every menu and can find nothing.

I am using it on an Apple TV.
if you go up on the man menu there should be the aeon or horizon tab it should be there
Sorry I worked it out, I swear it was not in there before!

A nice skin but I have to strain my eyes too much.
garyi Wrote:Sorry I worked it out, I swear it was not in there before!

A nice skin but I have to strain my eyes too much.

What TV are you using? And xbox? Linus box? Win32? TV connection?
If I have helped you in any way, please forgive me, it was entirely accidental.
If your struggling to read the onscreen text then edit font.xml in the 720 folder.
As i had the same problem on my tv i increased the the fonts by 3
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
Thanks for that. Its a 32 inch screen and I am using an AppleTv.

Its a little slow with all the fan art but thats to be expected. (in any skin)
I am probably being silly but firstly how did I switch this feature on? (Seriously after 6 months I only just discovered XBMC could go on line and find info on DVDs etc and get fan art but I don't know how I turned it on)

Also where is this info being stored?

And finally I love the look of the music section in the horizonz screen shot but so far no specific info has downloaded for my music. It just my itunes library on the network that XNMC can tap into as well. However I do have 14,000 tunes in there and worry about the amount of download it will take for that.

Also it was downloading info for my TV shows, again I have no idea how. But what it downloads seems to be arbitrary. Like today it downloaded info for Frasier and Family guy but stopped there, even though there are many other tv shows to do. Does it just do a bit at a time?
Ha, sorry I did have one specific question. In other skins if a movie file has the wrong info I can pull up the contextual menu and click refresh. It then shows me what it think it is and I can then choose to enter a name for the online database to search. I can do all this on the crappy apple remote.

However in Horizonz I can see manual at the bottom but cannot seem to get to it. Does this manual button allow me to enter a name for it to search ir is it just a manual entry if you have given up on the data base?
In some cases the Manual entry button can only be reached using a mouse, this is either a bug in the skin or xbmc, I'm not sure which.

How do I change out of horizonz00