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Renaming favourites...
I was wondering if it is possible to rename favourites.

Currently I have added settings, filemanager, and games to my favourites menu and would like to have the window display "Quick Launch" rather than "Favourites."

If anyone knows the xml that needs to be edited I would greatly appreciate it.
just find the word in XBMC strings.xml and change it
Thanks for the help. Worked great and found other things that I was able to rename.
Is this still valid? I realize the skin itself is different. I changed the settings in English on my XBMC Live 10.0 install on Ubuntu and the changes didn't seem to make a difference in Transparency!.

My path: /.xbmc/addons/skin.transparency/language/English/strings.xml

What am I missing? I did a edit using sudo nano and then rebooted XBMC.

Renaming favourites...00