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[MOD] PM3.HD Submenus Mod
Rocky5 Wrote:you need to edit custom_1112_Videomenu.xml go to line 495 or button id 4 there are two button just remove this.
<control type="button" id="4">
<description>BBC iPlayer push button</description>
<hitrect x="-10" y="100" w="345" h="55" />
<label>[b]Not Set[/b]</label>
and then remove this line from the bottom button id 4
<visible>Skin.HasSetting(Custom_Plugin)</visible> this will make it show always.

now edit this part (in red) and change it to what your want ie Music



I'll give it a try! Looks daunting!

now edit this part (in red) and change it to what your want ie Music


OK so I can change the name.

How do I direct it to my music video folder? The red part? I've looked at the other buttons and would like something similar to videos think its myvideolibraryConfused

EDIT: Thought of a request too. The new std build has 'Mirror image' in the fanart which I really like as some of the fanart works better mirror. Will you be adding it to your mod?
I've made some tweaks to this to make it more xbox-friendly. All files are located in the 720p folder under the skin. I've made these tweaks on my xbox and my father's xbox and they work quite nicely since some features don't work like suspend and hibernate. Also the xbox is more likely to have Xbox games on it whereas a PC, Mac, or Linux wouldn't.

in custom_1113_Appsmenu.xml:

to change Games button under Other category into "Video Games"

<label>[b]$LOCALIZE[1992][/B ]</label>
<label>[b]Video Games[/B ]</label> or
to change "Arcade" to "Xbox Games"

<label>[b]$LOCALIZE[1993][/B ]</label>
<label>[b]Xbox Games[/B ]</label>

In DialogButtonMenu.xml

to change Exit XBMC to Restart XBMC

Change all instances of <description>Exit xbmc</description>to <description>Restart xbmc</description>
and change all instances of <onclick>XBMC.Quit()</onclick> to <onclick>XBMC.RestartApp()</onclick>
and change all instances of <label>$LOCALIZE[13012] XBMC</label> to <label>Restart XBMC</label>

To change Suspend and Hibernate to File Manager (the pic doesn't change, but suspend doesn't work on the Xbox so this is useful)
change <description>Suspend button</description> and <description>Hibernate button</description>
to <description>File Manager button</description>
and <onclick>XBMC.Suspend()</onclick> and <onclick>XBMC.Hibernate()</onclick>
to <onclick>ActivateWindow(MyFiles)</onclick>
and change <label>13011</label>and <label>13010</label> to <label>File Manager</label>

To change the "Other" button to say "Games/Apps" open Home.xml
change <label>[b]$LOCALIZE[1994][/B ]</label> to <label>[b]Games/Apps[/B ]</label>

* I had to put an extra space after the [/B ] so that it would show on the forum. When you edit, do NOT include the extra space so that you get the bold letters.

I hope that someone can find these tweaks useful to make this great skin even better for their xbox.

When could we have a new update with audio panel and weather as we discussed ? Wink
Hello all together,

I have a question about the "Not Set"-Button.
I renamed it to "VDR" and now I want the button to start something like "vdr-sxfe xvdr://localhost --fullscreen --width=1024 --height=768"
Is there anyone who has an idea how I can realize this?
I know there are some guys working on an implementation of vdr into xbmc but you can use VDRś OSD which is one of VDRś best and most important for me.

By the way is it possble to rename the submenu buttons TV-Shows and Movies to TV-Serien and Filme.

Thanks for your help and great work.

(Pease apologize my bad english, I from germany and schools out for a long time Big Grin)


p.s.: Is it possible to remove the plugins buttonHuh

The video folders I add are showing a fanart by default, but I have no idea where this is coming from...

My folder structure is:
d:\videos\movies\ok\<genre folders>\<movie files>
d:\videos\movies\ver\<genre folders>\<movie files>

I add as a source d:\videos\movies, there is no file in this dir, no hidden files either, just subfolders.

This is what XBMC shows when I'm in the root of the source folder d:\videos\movies in fanart view mode:


I don't even know who are these guys?!

Any idea how I can remove or replace it?

I've already tried removing and adding again the source folders, which cleared the library.

XBMC 9.0.4 (I've updated to and problem persists)
Windows Vista 64 SP2
Skin: PM3.HD Submenus Mod

I have collection mode turned off and using the best feature I like in this mod, which is the fanart view for file browing with collection disabled.
Is there a way to shrink the space used to show the title and length of movie or decrease the size of the thumbnails so that more of the fanart is visible? Whenever I choose fanart, I have to pick something that doesn't have much going on at the bottom since it'll always be covered up by the thumbnails.

When I use your mod on my 12-30-2008 Xbox version it has what looks like a cover flow artifact on the fanart screen.

I figured that I must be using an old version and updated to the newest and it says "Incompatable skin. We require skins of version 2.00 or higher.

Is it possible to know what files and what is needed to be changed to have the sub menu mod working. I had it working a while back and had to reload XBMC due to a failure of some sort. I got rather used to the submenu and well I'm kinda bumbed not to have it still.
sorry but i couldnt wait anymore to have the music control as the orginal.

I took PM3.HD TV, Movies... which is more updated.

Thank you for this Mod magnificent.

Can we make information metadata?

Vídeo "720", "1080", "Mp3", "Acc".........

[MOD] PM3.HD Submenus Mod51